What’s Worth Fighting For? – The People’s Climate March

Not sure what more I can say about The People’s Climate March than what I said in this week’s Dustinland comic. I guess it’s easy to be jaded, cynical and disillusioned with protesting and politics. But something like this doesn’t happen very often. A massive effort organized by amazing people with the goal of changing the dialogue around the biggest danger mankind will ever face. Like I said in my comic, if that doesn’t get you out in the streets, I don’t know what will.

Green What?

This week’s Dustinland comic is obviously my take on Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham, which I have been reading a lot these last few months. And you know, I get it. The idea is that hey, if you say don’t like something, you should at least try it first. And there is validity to that, but also, come on. Sam is kind of a jerk. So bossy. Leave the guy alone. You know, I will give people suggestions but there’s a point where you start to counteract your goal by overdoing it. Somehow Sam won that nameless hatted dude over by harassing him until he gave up and tried it, but I wouldn’t recommend this tactic. 

Dada Phase

This week’s Dustinland comic pretty much says it all. My kid is in a major dada phase right now. But overall I think it’s okay in terms of things evening out. For one, when you’re the favorite, you also have to put in more “work” because you’re always being requested to do things. “NO – DADA take me out of the car, not mama.” Little things like that. And they’re not always fun. Also, while I may get more fun time with the little guy, I just plain see him less, and I think my wife really wins out there. She gets to spend more time with him, and while that may be hard when he’s grumpy, there’s nothing worse then being at work and realizing you’re not going to make it home to see him for the second night in a row. Thankfully I don’t always work those kinds of hours but still, usually I see my son for about an hour in the morning and an hour at night, and that’s about it. 

So yeah, dada phase. I don’t feel too guilty about it. In fact, it’s pretty awesome. 

The Hard Hello

Where did this week’s Dustinland comic come from? Well, not too long ago Frank Miller (writer, artist and creator of the Sin City comic book and movie series, in case you’re not into the whole comic nerd thing) did a IAMA on Reddit (an online Q&A, in case you’re not into the whole Internet nerd thing). Someone asked him about his favorite books and he recommended Red Harvest, a classic hard boiled detective novel that inspired him many years ago. I picked it up and started reading it, and it inspired me to write this comic—something I’d like to call Dad Noir. Oh man, that’s good.

Dad Noir ©2014 Dustin Glick    Dad Noir®     Dad Noir™

You heard it here first, folks.


As you may gather from this week’s Dustinland comic, advertising is a weird business. Sort of a relic from an earlier era in terms of how we still function via partnerships. Now, not every art director or copywriter has a partner, and some agencies function in a more fluid way, but overall, creative partnerships still run pretty rampant in this industry. And there’s a lot that comes with that. I mean, you’re staking your career on this other person. It’s a really big deal with huge stakes—as people who have had unsuccessful partnerships can probably attest to even more so than people with excellent partnerships.

Well, for me and my partner it’s been four years. It’s tough to see it end. Totally on good terms, but still, it will be hard to get used to it. Professionally, we were on point, trusted each other, knew exactly what our strengths and weaknesses were. Personally, well, we “hang out” a lot. Probably see each other more than we see our families, at least during the week. Hell, it’s nice just having someone around who can tell on those days when I woke up in a bad mood and to just leave me alone for the morning until I snap out of it. But hey, it’s work, not play. Business. And, well, I guess… this.

Cox in Sox AKA Hacky Sackie

Man, it sure is amazing what you learn when you have kids—like I convey in this week’s Dustinland comic about coxsackie. Nice bonus about me catching it: I caught it while on vacation. My kid came down with it the day before vacation, but he had it last year, and I guess each time you get it, the less it affects you, so more or less, he was fine. Then my wife caught it from him, which is rare, but I guess not rare enough! So she had sore hands and feet and throat and some fun little blister things. And then I caught it from her. WOOO VACATION WITH KIDS!!!! Man, good times. I’m actually planning on doing a comic about the vacation but it might be too depressing. That sentence it too depressing in itself.



I wish I could have expressed more about how awesome firemen have been to my kid in this week’s Dustinland comic, but that would have been boring and sappy. But for realz – on three different occasions, firemen have let my lil guy go inside firehouses, sit in trucks, try on helmets, etc…  And not during some sort of event. I’m talking about us going on neighborhood walks and just happening by firehouses, and them noticing and letting us inside. Hell, we were even just on vacation in Rhode Island, walking around Newport, peering in the window of a firehouse, when suddenly the big garage door opened up and a fireman welcomed us inside. These dudes are super nice. It’s pretty awesome. 

I mean, I guess I would be nice too if little kids everywhere worshipped me and wanted to be me and waved and cheered whenever I walked or drove by. It’s a pretty cool job perk. I guess cops get it too. And garbagemen*. Who knew about that last one? They definitely don’t have sexy calendars either. Garbagemen and cartoonists – we have a lot in common, I think. I’ll save that for another comic though.

* I mean sanitation workers.