As you may gather from this week’s Dustinland comic, advertising is a weird business. Sort of a relic from an earlier era in terms of how we still function via partnerships. Now, not every art director or copywriter has a partner, and some agencies function in a more fluid way, but overall, creative partnerships still run pretty rampant in this industry. And there’s a lot that comes with that. I mean, you’re staking your career on this other person. It’s a really big deal with huge stakes—as people who have had unsuccessful partnerships can probably attest to even more so than people with excellent partnerships.

Well, for me and my partner it’s been four years. It’s tough to see it end. Totally on good terms, but still, it will be hard to get used to it. Professionally, we were on point, trusted each other, knew exactly what our strengths and weaknesses were. Personally, well, we “hang out” a lot. Probably see each other more than we see our families, at least during the week. Hell, it’s nice just having someone around who can tell on those days when I woke up in a bad mood and to just leave me alone for the morning until I snap out of it. But hey, it’s work, not play. Business. And, well, I guess… this.

Cox in Sox AKA Hacky Sackie

Man, it sure is amazing what you learn when you have kids—like I convey in this week’s Dustinland comic about coxsackie. Nice bonus about me catching it: I caught it while on vacation. My kid came down with it the day before vacation, but he had it last year, and I guess each time you get it, the less it affects you, so more or less, he was fine. Then my wife caught it from him, which is rare, but I guess not rare enough! So she had sore hands and feet and throat and some fun little blister things. And then I caught it from her. WOOO VACATION WITH KIDS!!!! Man, good times. I’m actually planning on doing a comic about the vacation but it might be too depressing. That sentence it too depressing in itself.



I wish I could have expressed more about how awesome firemen have been to my kid in this week’s Dustinland comic, but that would have been boring and sappy. But for realz – on three different occasions, firemen have let my lil guy go inside firehouses, sit in trucks, try on helmets, etc…  And not during some sort of event. I’m talking about us going on neighborhood walks and just happening by firehouses, and them noticing and letting us inside. Hell, we were even just on vacation in Rhode Island, walking around Newport, peering in the window of a firehouse, when suddenly the big garage door opened up and a fireman welcomed us inside. These dudes are super nice. It’s pretty awesome. 

I mean, I guess I would be nice too if little kids everywhere worshipped me and wanted to be me and waved and cheered whenever I walked or drove by. It’s a pretty cool job perk. I guess cops get it too. And garbagemen*. Who knew about that last one? They definitely don’t have sexy calendars either. Garbagemen and cartoonists – we have a lot in common, I think. I’ll save that for another comic though.

* I mean sanitation workers.  

Ride The White River Horse AKA Coke Hippos

This Dustinland comic really should just be called Coke Hippos, but that would sort of spoil it. I did have a fun time coming up with the alternate title, though. I was researching the issue and saw some article about it from quite a while back actually, and it was titled “A Hippo Critical Situation.” That’s pretty great.

But yeah, check it out. True story. Getting some press lately for some reason. Not that there’s been a hippo attack in Colombia or anything. Who knows why things suddenly blow up on the Internets. Malcolm Gladwell? Buzzfeed? Well, either way, it’s a great story, hippos running wild in a country they don’t belong. And this comic was inspired by some great fans, especially some guy named Gary who collaborated with me after I briefly mentioned Pablo Escobar’s hippos in my weekly email. Good times.

Routine Bedtime

At first I had titled this week’s Dustinland comic “Bedtime Routine,” but then I swapped the order. Why? Because any parent knows that this isn’t just the bedtime routine of one particular child. It’s routine bedtime for parents around the world. Well, I mean, I don’t know if it goes down this way in the slums of India, but lets just say I can only assume it happens in households as “privileged” as mine. Hey, kids don’t like sleeping. They like playing. So any way they can extend awake time, they’ll do it. It’s pretty amazing the tactics they’ll come up with. Ad you really do notice it most when you have a babysitter over and you start explaining the whole routine and you realize how ridiculous it all is.

By the way, I just finished doing this with mine. We start the bedtime process around 8:00 and I swear, by the time it’s over, it’s 8:45. Amazing.

2014 World Cup Bracket

Clearly this week’s comic was a quick little take on national stereotypes. I would like to point out that I did not go the nazi route with Germany. Too easy. And you know, I mean, if I was German, I’d be pretty tired of hearing about it. Talk about guilt trips people. A little genocide and no one will ever let you move on with your life.

But seriously folks, Nigeria was tough too. I drew a zebra because I know they have those in Africa. Nigeria… I know they have oil. That’s about it. So I went zebra.

Chile, they have wine and Patagonia. So I went wine. Uruguay and Argentina have meat, so there’s that. There’s a joke in Costa Rica when a pelican flies by, they say “hey, there goes our air force.” So, yeah. Tah dah. GOOOOOOOOOAL.

Draw The Line

Ironically I am writing this post as my kid freaks out. He is hysterical right now because he doesn’t want to take a nap. I actually don’t care if he naps or not, but if he doesn’t nap, he will be insane later, so it’s better for everyone if he sleeps a little bit now.

But anyway, as per this week’s Dustinland comic, kids are crazy and illogical and drive you nuts. Good times. My kid loves drawing right now but he’s too young to be able to draw anything, so usually he just scribbles and says he drew a donkey or something like that. I try not to outdraw him too much because I don’t want to make him feel bad. So far it’s been pretty successful. Usually I just ask him what I should draw. I am always amazed by the randomness of his requests. “Draw a tractor.” “Draw a strawberry.” Never any connection to what we are or were doing. It’s pretty great.

He’s crying right now so I can’t really focus, so yeah, I guess I’ll stop writing this post right now.