Look At Me AKA The Selfie Stick

This week’s Dustinland comic is about the selfie pole, or what I call, The NarcissiStick. Now, of course I get what they were invented for. We’ve all seen videos of people snowboarding or surfing or jumping off cliffs, and in those cases, I get it. If you’re that hardcore, you deserve the right to make awesome videos of yourself, especially when those videos can actually be quite entertaining to the rest of us. It’s when tourists are walking around NYC capturing themselves as they engage in the most mundane of activities that it becomes ridiculous.

Can you imagine how much horrible footage has been captured with these things? WOOOOO LOOK AT THIS WIDE-ANGLE SHOT OF ME STANDING IN FRONT OF A FAMOUS PIZZA PLACE!!!! Eh, I guess people have been taking bad pictures and home videos forever. Now you just don’t need to give your camera to a stranger if you want a crappy shot with you in it.

The Best Comic You Ever Wrote

Man, this week’s Dustinland comic! I really wonder if people are going to submit their own strips. Will you? (That would be awesome.) That wasn’t the original goal of this strip, but I like where it’s gone. It sort of evolved. Basically I realized I would rather:

1 – Put out a strip without ANY words, rather than put out a strip I don’t like

2 – Put out ANY strip rather than no strip

So logically, I really didn’t have a choice. At first I was just hoping it would be some sort of avant garde statement or puzzle for people to solve. But quickly I realized it could be much more than that. Even if someone just uses this framework to brutally mock me, I would really enjoy that. Hell, in college I used to get attacked all the time. I would say fan mail was something like 70-30 maybe? But man, the haters definitely had more time! WOW people be hatin. I remember when I was working for Cracked.com when they first sort of relaunched online, and after this one article I wrote about bad rapper names or something like that, some random dude had a blog post titled “Fuck You Dustin Glick of Cracked.com.” I know this because I Google my own name—I have for years—and so do you.

Maybe I should run some hate mail next week. That would be fun. But perhaps too self-referential. I’m leaning toward the latter. You know, if I had time for more than one strip I week I would TOTALLY do that. That’s the kind of things you’re missing out on, folks.

The Bad Times

I love my kid. I love being a dad. I really do love everything about it. Well, almost everything. Everything aside from the moments like the ones in this week’s Dustinland comic. And even with these instances of parental torture, it’s still all worth it. So why focus on the bad so often, you’re wondering. Well, simply put, it’s waaaaay funnier. A joke has to be at someone’s expense, after all. And in most of my parenting comics, the joke is on me—just like in real life.

Really though, in this comic I tried to capture and convey those moments of parental misery we all know. Even those of us without kids of our own. These public moments where everyone can feel that parent’s pain. Because it’s clear, really, there’s not much you can do besides give the kid a cookie and hope for the best.

The Power of Technology

Every day I ride the NYC subway to and from work. And every day I see people using their phones for the stupidest purposes. Mostly mind-numbing games. Really, it’s incredible how many full grown adults spend an hour or two a day matching shapes and colors or running down a track chasing after coins. You’ve got this device in your hand with almost limitless potential. It connects you to boundless knowledge. Fascinating perspectives from around the world. But nope, lets connect shiny squares and circles. And that’s what this week’s Dustinland comic is about.


Yup. As I said in this week’s Dustinland comic, my kid asks “Who?” Not “Why?” It’s kind of interesting in a Louis CK sort of way (here starting around 7:45). Although my comic is not quite as good as his routine. Not one of my best, to be honest, but as per last week’s comic, I was busy at the People’s Climate March on Sunday so I kinda had to rush this one out. Sorry guys! Once every few years I try to do something nice for the earf – don’t worry, it won’t happen again too soon.

What’s Worth Fighting For? – The People’s Climate March

Not sure what more I can say about The People’s Climate March than what I said in this week’s Dustinland comic. I guess it’s easy to be jaded, cynical and disillusioned with protesting and politics. But something like this doesn’t happen very often. A massive effort organized by amazing people with the goal of changing the dialogue around the biggest danger mankind will ever face. Like I said in my comic, if that doesn’t get you out in the streets, I don’t know what will.

Green What?

This week’s Dustinland comic is obviously my take on Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham, which I have been reading a lot these last few months. And you know, I get it. The idea is that hey, if you say don’t like something, you should at least try it first. And there is validity to that, but also, come on. Sam is kind of a jerk. So bossy. Leave the guy alone. You know, I will give people suggestions but there’s a point where you start to counteract your goal by overdoing it. Somehow Sam won that nameless hatted dude over by harassing him until he gave up and tried it, but I wouldn’t recommend this tactic.