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The Fart

I hope my kid is never embarrassed by this fart-related comic. I mean, he is only one, so anything he does at this age should only be considered cute or funny, or perhaps painful, like when he smashed me in the face with a metal spoon not too long ago this evening. But yeah, KIDS SAY THE DARNEDEST THINGS, GFFAW!

Actually, I do have something else to add. My friend taught his kids to call farts “pibbiters.” Based on the way you might write a fast sound effect: PBBBT! Maybe I should try to switch to that.


The fart.

Modern Manifold

This week’s Dustinland comic was inspired by a famous George Carlin routine. Of course mine isn’t anywhere nearly as well-conceived (he’s George Carlin) or as lengthy (it takes longer to draw things than to say them), it still was damn fun to write. It was actually pretty tricky to draw though. I didn’t want the art to take away from the words, but I had to make it interesting, otherwise it would just turn into some weird sort of poem blog post—well, basically it would have turned into a bad McSweeney’s entry.

As for the title, Carlin’s is called Modern Man. Manifold means:

: marked by diversity or variety

: many 
c: comprehending or uniting various features 
d: rightfully so-called for many reasons
I think that works.

Word Nerd Part 2

I was hung over when I drew this week’s Dustinland. You see, it was easy because I had already written it back when I drew the first Word Nerd, and I kept Part 2 on file for just such an occasion — and instance where my brain was not ready to think and/or be funny. Not that Word Nerd is funny. It’s more interesting. And nerdy. But I like it. And I have to get ready to go to work now. Bye.

Word Nerd Part 1

I really find the subject of this week’s Dustinland interesting, so I think one day I’ll do another one. But we’ll see. Maybe you all will hate it. The whole etymology thing can be pretty nerdy but it’s also kinda cool. I have a whole list of stuff I researched online so hopefully I can dig into it a little further. I actually think it could be a pretty cool book, to tell you the truth. So yeah, if you want to pay me to do a book of cartoons about English word origins, just let me know. I’ll be all over that.

Oh, and the thing that gave me the idea for this comic was a book called Genghis Kahn and the Making of the Modern World. Pretty sweet book. Man, the Mongols have really gotten the shaft over the last 700 years or so. Check out the book and not only will you learn interesting things like “assassin” comes from “Hashishin” and “mogul” comes from “Mongol,” but you’ll find out that a poor-ass hunter dude wound up creating an enormous empire that helped spread ideas and technology all over the world.

This is the nerdiest post ever but hey, deal with it.