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Today’s new Dustinland comic is about a dad trying to relate to his kid and getting shot down multiple times. I think most dads can relate. Maybe moms too. You know, once they even approach those teenage years they just turn into little weasels. But I do think they may in some ways think you’re cool — they just won’t let you know it.

You Can’t Go Back

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about childhood fading. Definitely a bit ore melancholy then my usually strips, but it’s something I want to touch on. This really did happen to me, exactly like it was in the comic. There’s a weird children’s museum in Connecticut that my son used to love when he was a little one… say 3 to 6 years old. And then I remember going back when he was getting a little bit older, and he was so excited, but when he got there… the magic was just gone. It was honestly a bit soul-crushing. Just sad.

Like the title of the comic says… you can’t go back. There is a time in life for certain things, and when that time is over, it’s over, whether you’re talking about toddler activities or a 40-year-old trying to recapture the nightlife of their 20s. Life moves on, and that’s both beautiful and sad at the same time.

Bring Your Dad To Work Day

This week’s new Dustinland comic is a true story about what happened when my son joined me for a work meeting a couple of weeks ago. It’s funny — he really did a great job and enjoyed it… so I’m trying to encourage that initiative while simultaneously ensure he doesn’t follow me into advertising (in case you weren’t aware, that’s what I do to make money because it sure am hard paying the bills with comics).

Not that marketing hasn’t provided me with a wonderful life I appreciate every day. It’s just that the kid has his whole life ahead of him. I think my reco for him — or any young person — is to strive for a career where you care about the end result. And I mean you care because it means something to you as a person, your values, your artistic sensibilities, your vision of how earth and mankind can be — not because you want to succeed or make money or you simply have self-respect that requires you to do a great job at whatever you do. Now, of course most of us don’t get to do what we want and get paid for it… but that’s what being young is all about. You have the chance to strive for something special, and if that doesn’t pan out, you can fall in line like the rest of us and still have a satisfying life.

Aging Tastes

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about all the lame stuff you begin to truly appreciate as you get older.

I’m not sure when you start liking this stuff. I don’t think it’s like someone hits a switch. I think it’s something that slowly starts happening over time. I guess the less you party, the more free time you have, the more chances you have to enjoy simple things, and slower things.

And now excuse me but I must attend to my massive collection of houseplants.

Don’t Camp My Style

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about camping and my mixed feelings toward it. Which is tough, because it feels like you’re SUPPOSED to like camping. And I do… sometimes. I think I liked it more when I was younger, really. The simpler, the better. The more stuff, the more people, the more whining, the less fun.

Also peeing in the night is really annoying. Man, that tent zipper feels as loud as an electric guitar set to 11 when you unzip it in the middle of the night, waking up everyone around you with your dumb constant peeing. Damn small bladder and light, drinkable beers.

23 vs 43

This week’s new Dustinland comic is pretty straight forward. 23 vs 43. Comparing midlife lameness to early 20s party days. But you know, you can only be young once so I don’t miss it. I do miss the lazy weekends though, and the part where everything didn’t always hurt for no reason. But that’s about it.

And I kinda enjoy the part where I am not as emotionally unstable. Back then I felt an angry rage at everything. Now it’s just a low level malaise and depression mixed with acceptance.

I Left My Heart

I’ve posted a new comic every week for pretty much the last 20 years or so… except when I go on vacation. Last week I was in San Francisco, which is what this week’s new Dustinland comic is about. And as I say in the comic, there’s something nice about going on vacation as a parent. You can unabashedly partake in the most cliche tourist activities possible… which often actually wind up being a lot of fun, even if you feel like a dork at first.

But San Francisco really is a great place. If it weren’t for the incredibly high rents and real estate, and the very real threat of mega earthquakes, droughts, fires and other natural disasters, I just might want to move there. Great food, fun stuff to do, beautiful architecture, a relief from the brutal heat of NYC in late summer… not to mention the trolleys, sea lions, Alcatraz, Golden Gate bridge and park, the botanical garden, the museums etc… As you can see, I did a lot. And now I’m back and not necessarily rested, although perhaps mentally refreshed. My wallet on the other hand…


This week’s new Dustinland comic is about how us dads can’t help but annoy our kids. I don’t know what it is, but I just feel compelled to do so. But I’m not as bad as the dad from Calvin & Hobbes. He just straight up lied to his kid constantly, and I would feel bad if I made my son go to school believing there were 75 planets in the solar system or that tigers were really just house cats given too much food. Yeah, I’m not the “tricked you” kinda dad, I’m the “oh my god that joke again stop it please” kinda dad. Good times.

Another Day

After starting my day by having to tell my son about what happened in Texas, I felt compelled to create this new Dustinland comic.

Not much more to say here than what I already said in the comic. It’s just a harsh reality we live in. Very hard not to think humans are just generally shitty and hopeless, even though most of us are nice (maybe). As a whole… it just seems we are doomed to stand in our own way. Hard not to feel hopeless, but still gotta wake up and give it your best every day.

Advice Advice

This week’s Dustinland comic is about unwanted advice. And you know, I don’t mean casually saying “oh, when I grow this flower I use extra peaty soil.” I mean when people tell others how to live their lives with a big SHOULD. There’s a huge difference between you could and you should. I personally lean toward could. I don’t know what the answer is. I can only recommend. But man, some people just think everyone else should replicate their life, and that’s weird. I get it — you’re theoretically happy and you want your friends to join you. But do you really want to be responsible for their decisions, especially if they don’t work out?