Big Bidness

This week’s Dustinland comic is based on an event I’m speaking at later this week. See, while I do draw comics, they don’t pay the bills. I’m an ad guy – a creative director. Just like Don Draper, except without the money, women, clothes and alcoholism. And not too long ago, a friend and ex-coworker from my alma mater, Binghamton University, asked me to speak at an event for Binghamton University peeps in NYC Marketing. Just about my career path. So I said sure! And then they came out with a social media ad for the event titled AN EVENING WITH INDUSTRY TYCOONS. To make it even funnier, the other guy may in fact be a tycoon. I mean, I’m not sure what officially makes someone a tycoon, but the other speaker is an actual CEO. Well, I can promise you this: My presentation will definitely include more photos of people drinking 40s.

2 responses to “Big Bidness

  1. I understand (maybe) where your friend is coming from, because I sometimes have to recruit people for panels, seminars, webcasts, podcasts, etc. It’s really fucking hard to get people to give up hours of their lives for no money. The temptation is almost unavoidable to grab anyone available and inflate their credentials.

    (BTW Dustin…I’m not implying that you’re some sort of second-rater or last resort or anything like that. I’m sure you’ll give–did give?–a dynamite presentation and I’d love to be/have been there.)

    • Ha! Well I totally get why they want me – the other presenter is a true baller CEO guy representing more of the business side of things, whereas I can speak to the creative part. So it makes sense – plus I was sort of famous at college since I wrote comics for the school paper for three years, and this is for alumni. It’s really just the word “tycoon” that makes the whole thing funny. It’s a funny word, even when describing actual tycoons.

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