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Animal Movement

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about getting ripped. Or swole. Getting gains. Muscles. You get the picture. Pilates. Powerlifting. Zumba. That’s what I do. Actually it’s not. I do pushups and sit-ups on weekdays. You guys do all that other stuff. UGH it’s boring. I mean, yes, of course it’s good, it can be invigorating, it can be interesting if you do the right thing… but honestly, it’s just not interesting. It’s not mentally stimulating to me to find infinite ways of reaching the same result. Although maybe that’s what comics are. Who knows. Nothing matters.

The Skinny

In this week’s new Dustinland comic, I pretty much say all I have to say on the matter of being skinny. I mean, of course if I had to choose I’d rather be underweight than overweight. So I’m not actually complaining about that part of it. I’m complaining about the part where people think that it’s okay to openly mock someone for being skinny, even though you would never comment on another person’s weight, height, complexion etc… Actually, I bet tall people get it as much as skinny people do. You’re so tall! How do you drive a car? Where do you find pants? Sort of the same thing. Tall people, if I ever did that to you, my bad.


If you read this week’s Dustinland comic about working out, lifting, exercising and what not, you might think I’m jealous of dudes who are really ripped. And in some ways I am. Frankly, I’m torn on the whole thing. 

Now, I definitely think it’s a bit weird when dudes get completely jacked and enormous and spend half their time drinking protein shakes and popping weird pill packs. But I wouldn’t mind being just a regular type of muscley dude. There was a brief time when I was working out quite frequently and I started to actually grow pectoral muscles and I was really enjoying that. And really, the best part of working out is the way you feel afterwards. Happier. More energized. It’s good stuff. 

On the other hand, who has the time? Man, I’m a dad. I barely have time to draw this comic once a week. Now I’m supposed to work out every other day? The only parents I know who seem to pull this off have to wake up at 5:00 am and work out before work. I just don’t think I could do that. Maybe if I lived in the woods and could go for a run through nature I’d be more inspired. City work outs just aren’t the same. 

It’s also that people are so obsessed with their bodies once they get all buff. I mean, it’s nice and all but really, who cares? What could be less original of an achievement than getting in shape? Maybe if you’re obese and you turn all skinny and toned, okay, sure, you have the right to be proud of yourself. But everyone else, big deal. Yes, lift heavy things and run around and don’t eat cupcakes all day and MAGIC you are in shape. I realize it takes motivation and self control but ultimately, who cares. 

In the end, I do want to start working out again, simply because it can’t be good to never exercise for the rest of my life. Meh. That’s the sound of getting older right there. Meh. 

Carry On

Yup, as I say in this week’s Dustinland comic, as a parent, you have to carry a lot of stuff. What I didn’t mention was that you have no time to do any other sort of physical activity but that, unless you’re one of those people who can somehow can fit it into some super early morning routine. So that body you see at the end, that’s about what you get. Your arms stay strong from constant lifting. Your lower back gets a good workout too, although perhaps too good, and it may all backfire and start hurting. And your shoulders might hurt too. And your joints. And all of you. It’s called getting old. Thankfully I am a super skinny little twerp so the dad gut hasn’t hit me yet. But man, any non-arm muscle I put on in the years leading up to baby time has vanished. Good times.

On The Run

Yup, I sure do like runnin. Okay, well not too much, bust still, it’s become a hobby. I’m not one of those hardcore people you see running outside on a 25 degree day, but I do feel bad if I don’t run for a week. Which is actually the case right now. I run after work and sometimes that just isn’t possible. I really should run and workout in the morning before work but I need to sleep to the last minute possible. That’s just how I roll. But yeah, it’s fun to beat people at the track. It gives you a little extra inspiration, plus a newfound respect for people that are out of your league.

You may have also noticed I was listening to a little Pantera while I ran. I totally need good music for running and working out. I kinda mix it up between metal, jungle and minimal techno. It depends what I’m doing. Obviously I like the harder stuff for working out, or for running in the gym on the boring treadmill. Running outdoors gives you a different feeling, so then I go for lighter stuff, but still epic and driving. I’d like to run out in the country and just listen to the birdies and the wind in the trees, but I live in New York and instead I get the cars and the planes and annoying people talking.