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Sunny Days

This new Dustinland comic seems to pretty much speak for itself. And I’m sure it will irritate a lot of people who do enjoy unseasonably warm weather, but hey, I mean, if I can’t ruin a nice sunny day for people by reminding them it’s a symptom of a manmade global holocaust, what’s the point of drawing comics?

Don’t Be An Asssnowle

This bonus Dustinland came from an urge to point out what should be the obvious. I mean come on people! These things should be givens. Either people in general are getting stupider or we’re just becoming less considerate. I don’t know. I see people tossing their snow chunks right into the street, and not just on major avenues where buses can roll right over anything in their path. On little tiny neighborhood blocks that rarely get plowed. I mean, can they be that stupid? I don’t know. I give up.

“Hell is other people” – Sartre