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Almost Virtual

Don’t get this week’s new Dustinland comic wrong — I think virtual reality is super cool and I really do want it to work and be awesome. But I tried it twice and both times I felt disoriented for about half an hour afterwards. And that was just after 15-30 minutes of use.

Maybe it treats different people differently, just like sea sickness. Or maybe it’s just something your brain has to get used to. Let’s hope that’s the case. I just worry that essentially fooling your brain may have major negative long term effects. But I guess we’ll find out soon! #progress

Generation Wi-Fi: Kids and Tech

What I cover in this week’s Dustinland comic is a really complicated issue. Kids and technology. The debate has been going on for decades now, and it only gets more and more intense as technology becomes an increasingly pervasive part of our lives. It’s really tricky as a parent, but ultimately I would imagine there’s only so long you can fight it. My child is still pretty small, but I know people with older kids, and I see how it is. Hey, social media is even part of school these days. And people are making six figures playing video games professionally.

Where this all leads me is that in a broader sense, we’re really becoming cyborgs—and is that such a bad thing? But that’s a topic for a whole different comic…

It’s Time To Play: Who’s The Nerdiest?

This week’s Dustinland has a poll! How fun is that? I probably should have figured out how to do it so that the poll’s answers would show right on the site but I got really tired of sitting at the computer all day. It actually starts to physically hurt after a while. IF YOU’RE A NERD!!!! Oh snap. Really though, I think it’s great to be a nerd. It just means you are really obsessive over something and you have a lot of knowledge in one area. What’s wrong with that? I myself can be categorized in more than one of those categories, although the only one I will admit to is music. And maybe a little hobbit action, if you know what I mean.

As for the rest of them, man, I had to do a lot of research for this sucker. It’s all real! Some of the dialogue is almost word-for-word straight out of internet forums (it’s interesting – each nerdom has its own little language). I even looked up T-shirts, so there are some jokes in this strip that I don’t even get. Anyway, it will be fun to see what wins the poll, although it will be disappointing if only like 17 people vote in it. Also I really hope people don’t vote for webcomics just to be “funny.”

P.S. In case you don’t know, LARPing stands for Live Action Role Play (see the movie Darkon).

*Edit – So knitting is winning the poll for the nerdiest of the nerds. I am not the only one who found this a bit suspect, so I dug around a little and found that there was a decent amount of traffic driven to the Dustinland by a site called Ravelry, which is apparently a “knit and crochet community.” You have to be a member to look inside the forums, but oddly enough it appears someone is actually encouraging other  members to vote for knitting. I guess they are embracing their nerdiness, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The Beatles Rock Band: A turning point for video games

I recently played The Beatles Rock Band and it was pretty awesome. And the new remastered albums are incredible. And the Beatles are everywhere right now. Including my iPod (I’ve been listening to all those B-sides that sound absolutely amazing now). And then I figured that it would be funny if this resurgence of Beatlemania spread further into the world of video games, and that is where this week’s Dustinland came from.

It’s funny when something gets as popular as The Beatles. On one hand you have people who love them just because they’re popular, while on the other, you have people clambering to call them overrated just so they can be different. But I think anyone that really listens to them, anyone who knows them beyond hits like “Help” and “Drive My Car” easily recognizes their genius. And then of course if you actually care about the historical aspects of what their innovations did for the music industry, just in terms of the recording process, obviously you’re just blown away when you read about what they accomplished.

But back to this week’s comic. You have to know both the Beatles and the world of video games to get everything. But let me quickly go through it to explain for those of you who don’t get all the jokes:

Panel 1 – Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison = players for the Indianapolis Colts.

Panel 2 – The game is Halo, where you shoot people and aliens and shit. The blue guy is one of the bad guys from the cartoon “The Yellow Submarine.”

Panel 3 – Call of Duty is a historical shoot em up game.

Panel 4 – Lord of the Rings. Ringo Starr. He’s fighting a walrus monster called a “walrog” instead of the monster from Lord of the Rings called a “balrog.” In the background is an octopus ala the song “Octopus’ Garden,” written by Ringo.

Panel 5 – Street Fighter is a fighting game. “Paperback Writer” is a Beatles song. “Rocky Raccoon” is a Beatles song, and here he is replacing the character Blanka from Street Fighter. Yoko Ono is replacing the character Chun-Li from the game. In the game Chun-Li makes annoying yelping sounds, much like the ones Yoko Ono makes on albums. Yoko Ono is also often accused of breaking up the Beatles. The term C-C-C-Combo Breaker is a video game term that originated in the fighting game Killer Instinct, which is from the same era as Street Fighter. Here it has been changed to B-B-B-Band Breaker.

Panel 6 – Gran Turismo is a racing game. The yellow thing racing the cars is the Yellow Submarine.

And there you have it. The Cliffs Notes for this week’s Dustinland.