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Easy Watchin

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about the kinds of TV shows I like to watch. I won’t reveal the joke to you now, but I will say there is one exception to what I mention in the comic: Stranger Things. Man, I do love that show. But as for the rest, the comic is pretty on point.


Election Year Kids’ Shows

It’s pretty hard to have anything new to add to the overwhelming election coverage media blitz that goes on every four years, so here’s a fun distraction—mostly.

My wife thinks Pro Abba Abba is a bit of a stretch but I like it. Abo Abo just doesn’t sound right. I also really wanted to do Swiftboat Willie but that was a movie, not a cartoon.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does — Jersey Shore

Hey, I admitted it in this week’s Dustinland, it’s hard to not enjoy Jersey Shore. It’s just entertaining. But it’s also sad. MTV has basically become the “Watch Our Youth And Despair” channel. It’s all just so depressing. Everywhere you look, idiots — and not just unfortunate idiots. Idiots that are proud of being ignorant. That’s the US for you these days. The land of the free, home of the dumb.