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Kids Say The…

This new Dustinland comic is basically a transcribed moment between my son and I from about 6 months ago. I never got around to drawing the strip. But yeah. Technically, he’s right. We are all meat.

These days he doesn’t play with Little People anymore. Pretty much Lego 24/7. And he has my old Micro Machines and MUSCLE men, which are big hits. But no bringing the MUSCLE guys out of the house! Those are classic ’80s toys. High five.


As I say in this week’s Dustinland comic, man, toys are expensive. Not all of them. Some are still cheap and plastic. Others are expensive and plastic. And others are expensive and wooden. They’re all probably horrible for the environment, but so is everything we do in this awful capitalist materialist nightmare culture we’ve created. WOAH—don’t know how we just went down that road. Because really I love going to Toys “R” Us. I think I wanted more stuff than my kid did. Man, Legos rule these days.

Forgotten Toys and Cartoons Part 2

This week’s Dustinland is an obvious sequel to this Dustinland from a few months back. Sure, some people didn’t give a rat’s ass about the first strip, but some people LOVED it. I got so much great feedback from it, I figured I had to do another one — if only just to incorporate some of the suggestions people made regarding overlooked stuff from the first time around. I spaced them out a bit though, so that those of you who don’t care didn’t get annoyed by my male Gen Xer trip through memory lane. I know some of you understand where I’m coming from though. When you see that thing from your childhood that you’ve forgotten for the last 20 years, it’s a big deal. Yeah, everyone remembers He-Man and Thundercats, but it’s very possible your favorite childhood toy was just some random little thing that nobody remembers today. But that random thing once brought you a lot of joy, and that’s the feeling I hope this comic brings out in you, if only for a minute or two.

Forgotten Toys and Cartoons of the 80s

This week’s Dustinland is probably not very female friendly, but who knows — there may be some girls out there who had a few Battle Beasts. Now, I’m not really into the whole “I love the 80s” thing, but I did grow up then, and I just wanted to shed some light on a few of the things I remember from childhood that go beyond Transformers and Care Bears. This strip isn’t the funniest thing I’ve ever done, but I think that if it reminds you of something you once loved, it did its job. Some people might think this sounds trivial, but even the cheapest, silliest toy could have meant a lot to you when you were 7 years old. Hell, I still remember this glow in the dark rubber lizard I used to love when I was really little. Back then I liked anything that was either glow in the dark or battery operated. I had this Hess truck that lit up — sweet. Without the lights, who cares. With the lights — awesome. I had a ray gun that ran on 9-volt batteries and lit up and made a sound equivalent to that of a car alarm. Loved it. Simple pleasures. It probably cost $3. Now fun toys cost a lot more. If I want something fun I have to dish out a grand at Best Buy. Yay. But yeah, to sum up, Silverhawks was cool.