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Early Birds

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about how my cat wakes me up the moment the birds start chirping. And it’s spring, so that means WAY TOO EARLY.

It’s really amazing how much we put up with just because we’re susceptible to cuteness. I have upended my entire life to this tiny creature just because she’s cute. Really unfair we are so dumb.

How To Drink Coffee

Special bonus Dustinland comic! Two in one week! How do I do it? Well, the theme of the comic is coffee, and that’s what the comic is about. Coffee, how important it is, and how frustrating it can be.

And literally I now have to go do what the comic says.

The Cycle

Yeah… I mean, as this week’s Dustinland comic shows, it’s hard to sleep sometimes. Damn brain. Shut up! Shut up, brain! Perhaps some of this is due to my health habits of not working out ever, not meditating, etc… I should do some of that stuff. Also beer, coffee… all the things that make life fun… I dunno. I actually do everything in moderation but sometimes it feels like even that is too much.

Blech. I blame Trump.