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Innocence Lost

Not much else to say about this week’s Dustinland comic.

What kind of country are we living in?

The Real Winners

This week’s Dustinland comic harkens back to the Bush era and the old phrase “the terrorists win.” Back then it was used by Bush and co (including tens of millions of Trump supporters who like to pretend they didn’t vote for Bush) to silence dissent with patriotism. I’m repurposing the phrase and using it to describe what is actually happening, which is the terrorists are getting exactly what they wanted. And yes, I’m not afraid to say Islamic terrorists, because that’s what we’re talking about. Their goal was an has been to destroy the West from within, to spread fear, to use our strengths against us, and it really seems to be working. The U.S., half of Europe, we’ve all been blinded into voting for the biggest assholes who use our fear of terror attacks and Muslim culture in general to grab power and twist laws. So while the common folk debate whether there should be a travel ban to the Mid East or not, Trump and his buddies will be filling their pockets, erasing freedom of the press and making it impossible to vote for a Democrat. So there you have it. Democracy traded for the illusion of safety.

The Wonder Years

This week’s Dustinland comic was inspired by the NYC bombings. I pretty much say all I have to say about the subject in the strip. This is more of a place for people to discuss it. Aside from the 5,000 social media channels I engage on as well. But yes, these last 15 years or so sure do make you wish for the days when the worst thing on the news was the president getting a blowjob.

The Power Of The Asshole

Would you consider this week’s Dustinland comic to be NSFW? I think it’s debatable. I mean, asshole is a curse, but it’s certainly not a four-letter word. It’s one of those borderline curses. Like, I wouldn’t want my kid using it but if he was 14 and it slipped out, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. I mean, we all say it. We all think it. It’s just the perfect word for that kind of person. And sadly that kind of person is everywhere. And I have been thinking about it a lot lately, because there are so many troubles in the world today being caused by so few people. It just seems like assholism will be an eternal problem that we may never be able to fully combat.

The Gun Debate

I don’t want people to get this week’s Dustinland comic wrong: It’s not that I’m saying the gun debate isn’t important (although I do think there are more important issues). I’m saying that you can’t argue rationally with people who are illogically obsessed with one issue.

Now, let’s say climate change is your one issue. I get it. The future of the human race is at risk. Or maybe you’re religious and abortion is your one issue. Hey, if you believe God is telling you to stop killing babies, that’s a pretty important issue in your world. But to believe that out of all the issues in the world, gun rights is by far the most important? That is some crazy shit.

I can only imagine what it’s like to live that way. In a constant state of fear, believing that you CANNOT be safe without a gun. That at any moment a horrible intruder will burst through your door with the intent to murder you. Or maybe it’s deeper. You need the gun to feel strong. Let’s be honest, it’s your dick. It’s like a fancy car or a big truck but better. NO ONE CAN FUCK WITH ME NOW. You’re basically still in junior high. Or maybe you had some serious issues as a child, maybe you were robbed or brutalized in the past. Maybe that would at least make sense as to why anyone would be so insanely obsessed with guns as to place gun ownership at the top of all voting issues in a world as screwed up as ours, and at a level where you’re okay with convicted felons and terrorist watch list members being able to buy an assault rifle no problem.

I’m not saying there aren’t reasonable people who are in favor of gun rights. I’ve argued with a gun rights lobbyist on a friend’s podcast once. He had some good points. Again, what I’m saying is that it’s pretty nutty to make this the most important thing in your life.

P.S. If this seems repetitive, I’m just trying to make my point clear here to avoid the onslaught of trolls, although I expect some of it no matter what.

The Cycle Of Terror

This week’s Dustinland comic was obviously inspired by the recent events in Paris. So depressing. Really seems like there’s no solution. There’s just a brainwashing machine out there churning out people with no regards to their own lives, and how can you defeat that? One deranged person with a gun or a bomb can do a hell of a lot of damage. I guess on the bright side, we’re talking relatively small numbers of people killed if you want to compare stats to full on warfare where you have thousands upon thousands of people dying rather than hundreds. But it’s the way terrorism works that’s so awful. It’s one thing to die when you’re a soldier headed to battle. It’s worse dying huddled in your basement as bombs drop overhead. But to die while you’re having dinner or seeing a concert. It’s so random and unexpected and ridiculous — it’s so meaningless and seemingly unpreventable that it really inspires despair.

What’s the solution? I can’t even imagine. It’s just so easy for a small few on both “sides” to profit off of death and destruction coupled with pride and ignorance. It’s been happening since the dawn of human civilization and it will probably keep happening for many years to come.