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Just For Sport

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about sports and our obsession with using them as a way to measure societal worth. I’m sure there are books written about this, probably saying sports are a substitute for ancient wars games, they’re in our DNA, we’re like orangutans tussling for dominance within our jungle groups… and maybe that’s all true. But either way, it’s an interesting topic, especially in the way that even when you’re aware of how silly this can be, you still fall for it.

Also, Noam Chomsky. Also, Tom Wolfe hated Noam Chomsky.

Meet The Mets Fan

Man, as I said in this week’s Dustinland, I really thought the Mets had it this year. After a shitty first half they had such an amazing second half, ended on a bright note, then had a killer first two rounds of the postseason. Things were so magical — how did KC just stop us dead in our tracks?! I guess they had their own magic that beat ours. Kind of like a game of Magic The Gathering except not.

Man, losing all the time SUCKS. What a downer. I’m so tired of expecting to lose. I don’t know how Cubs fans deal with it. Or how Boston did. I guess that’s what made Boston’s first World Series in a zillion years so fulfilling. But I mean, I really don’t want to wait decades. I think since 1986 is more than enough. Especially in a town like NYC where there’s another team—one that wins every other year and spends twice what the Mets does, since they’re not bankrupt and we are. Damnit. I could go on all night but it’s too late. Stupid sports.

Real Time Social Media Super Bowl Ads

You know, I really did post these fake ad comic things online during the Super Bowl. On Twitter and Facebook. At least, I started to. But then I realized no one cares. Maybe because they were too busy watching the game, and the real ads. Maybe because their Twitter feeds were overflowing with an unfathomable amount of tweets, impossible to keep up with—or to stick out from. Maybe no one got the joke. Who knows.

But I still stand by the true point of my commentary, which is this: Everyone wants to get in on the Super Bowl, and doing it through social media channels seems like the cheap way to do it. But if an ad is a cheap fit that does nothing but stick a corporate brand where it doesn’t belong, no one is going to care. Even on the biggest ad day of the year.

P.S. My favorites are Armaluce, Golden Tate and Demaryius.

Nate Silver vs. Dustin: The Odds Are Against Me

I will say two things about this week’s Dustinland. 1 – It is 100% true, Nate Silver is really in my fantasy football league, and he destroyed me. 2 – I did not draw him very well (this time around at least) but I… was too busy/lazy to get it right. Sorry guys! I guess you can say I was maybe 65% off in my rendering. Odds are next time I’ll be able to get it right.

PS I blame my losing season on Cam Newton.

Talkin’ ‘Bout ‘Merica

I wanted to do a political Dustinland this week, but once I get going I don’t know when to stop. Plus it’s too depressing. I don’t even really have a point anymore. It’s gotten so bad, my point is just this: Things are fucked. Really, when I say the future looks dim, I mean it. This is some serious shit we’re in. It’s not a joke. So the best I could do was kinda turn this into a sports joke really. You know, I think the Mets are actually in better shape than the country, and that’s saying a lot right there, considering everything the Mets do seems to turn to poop. But at least they’re occasionally fun to watch and win about half the time. The U.S. is never fun to watch, and unless you’re a millionaire, these days you lose every single time.

I’ll end this here by saying the only hope for the future of this country is legitimate campaign finance reform. And sweet chance of that happening any time soon. This is Doomsday Dusty, signing off.