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Feelin Phoney

This latest Dustinland comic is about phones and how we use them a lot. Certainly not a new topic, but I did have some recent experiences that shed new light on the situation, at least for me. I won’t dwell on it here because really, nothing new, we are all aware that we use our phones too much. But yeah, really — no one cares what you share.


It was really hard thinking up a title for this week’s Dustinland comic. First I had iNSANITY, then Call Me Crazy. This is where I wound up. Not really loving it — I know there’s a NY Post worthy pun headline out there somewhere.

But anyway, people really did overreact to iOS 7. I mean, whether you like it or not, it’s just a phone. Who cares what it looks like or if its copying Android or what Steve Jobs would have done? Yes, we do invest a lot of time and money in our phones these days, but we invest even more in our cars and I don’t see people freaking out about the latest Honda like they are about this. I’ll stop now before I get all Louis CK “chair in the sky” on you, but really, it is pretty much the same thing. If you’re in the position to even debate the latest smart phone options, you’re life is fantastic. I know it doesn’t feel that way because we’re all caught up in our day to day bullshit and constantly faced with the misery and nastiness of others around us, but it helps to try and put things in perspective when you can.

A Modern Man

Yes, believe it or not, like I say in this week’s Dustinland comic, I just got my first smart phone. But hey, I admit it, I have been kind of stubborn about the whole thing. I didn’t get a cell phone at all until 2008. That was SUPER stubborn, but I will admit it did make for some interesting (yet repetitive) conversations. I think the jump from land line to cell was a much bigger jump than going from flip to smart though.

The main reason I waited to long to get a smart phone is the monthly expense. $100 a month just sounded insane to me for a phone. Although at this point, it’s really more of a computer that happens to make phone calls, but regardless, that’s a lot of money over time. But now there are all these smaller companies popping up charging way less, so here I am. WOOOO I can use Shazam to recognize songs on the radio! Also, my phone makes an excellent flashlight. Okay, I do admit, I love the camera.

PS Boot cut jeans. Man, I mean, I wear slim fit ones but still, I guess that look is just dead now. I bought a pair a while back and had to return them because there was a tiny snag with the zipper, and when I came back, Levi’s had removed the entire boot cut section. That was when I asked the guy behind the counter if I was a dinosaur. He laughed – but he didn’t say no. Damn it. Crazy kids.