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This week’s Dustinland comic is about snoring. Couples snoring. Now, my wife is not a big snorer, and neither am I. Basically, we only snore when one of us is sick—or pregnant. Fortunately, neither of those things happen very often. Now, snoring sucks. It makes one person sleep on the couch and the other person feel guilty. Right now, it’s not a big deal in my life, since it’s such a rare occurrence. But man, look at older folks… seems like the older you get, the more you snore, and the more you come to sleep in different rooms. Seems like at that point, people just accept it. I think that’s a big part of getting older. Just accepting things. I notice it with fatherhood. “Meh. Kid is sick. Gotta cancel our three-day weekend vacation we already paid for. What can you do.” That sort of thing. Fun times.



This week’s strip is what you get when you mix pain killers with and comics. Really, I did have this huge list of ideas of comic ideas, but in my drug-induced malaise, I could not bring myself to tackle any of them. All these things that once seemed so promising, in my dulled state, it was all just so… blah.

I hear that some of the more powerful prescription meds are really addicting. I guess I can see that. Whatever I took was definitely not. It was really like taking Ambien Lite. Or Benadryl. Basically I was just extra tired. WOOOOO PARTY. I guess it did make my back hurt less, so mission accomplished.

Stay tuned next week for more comics on drugs!

I kid.

No Sleep Til

Isn’t it the worst when you can’t sleep? Like in this comic, where I’m lying there, tossing and turning. Getting more stressed the later it gets. Or even if you fall asleep alright but just don’t sleep well through the night. There’s such a difference in your life when you actually sleep well. You’re not just more awake the next day, you’re happier.

Once in a blue moon I do drop a Benadryl, especially if I’m lying in bed struggling to sleep for an hour, but that has its own drawbacks, since while it may knock you out all night, the next day you’re all groggy. If I don’t have some serious caffeine, I’ll be in a post Benadryl haze for more than half the day.

I guess you’re just supposed to eat healthy and exercise and not be stressed out or surrounded by stupid barking dogs, and then you sleep well. That’s what they say anyway. And hell, when I’m on vacation, I sleep great! So there must be something to all that. There you go, lesson learned: Live life like you’re on vacation at all times and you’ll sleep much better.