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Sick Day

Everyone seems to have the same cold right now, at least in New York. I got it after a few people in my office had it last week, then passed it on to my family this weekend. Today I had to stay home with my kiddo, since he wasn’t feeling well. And as you can see in my new Dustinland comic, this is how it turned out.

I guess it was all for the better. He did sound horrible in the morning. But man, by lunch time, dude was basically doing backflips. Man, last week I was sick and it was way less fun. Kids always win.

Cox in Sox AKA Hacky Sackie

Man, it sure is amazing what you learn when you have kids—like I convey in this week’s Dustinland comic about coxsackie. Nice bonus about me catching it: I caught it while on vacation. My kid came down with it the day before vacation, but he had it last year, and I guess each time you get it, the less it affects you, so more or less, he was fine. Then my wife caught it from him, which is rare, but I guess not rare enough! So she had sore hands and feet and throat and some fun little blister things. And then I caught it from her. WOOO VACATION WITH KIDS!!!! Man, good times. I’m actually planning on doing a comic about the vacation but it might be too depressing. That sentence it too depressing in itself.


A Wittle Bit Sick

This week’s Dustinland was inspired not by one particular couple, but by the shared experience of many, many couples I know. Makes sense though. Kids are young, have no immunity, they eat dirt and stuff, they get sick a lot. And then they get you sick. Pretty straightforward.

Aside from that, panel 4 compares Gwar to David Bowie, not in the musical sense, but in the sense of: Who would you rather have on your side in a fight?

And that tiny copy between the panels? That’s kind of a nod to the old Dustinland strips back during my Binghamton University days. I used to always write in those little spaces. You may not be able to read what it says online since it’s so small, so I’ll tell you: “I know: Don’t drive and call. I only drew this for the sake of storytelling. So zip it, hippie.”

Sick Days

I was just sick for four days last week, and my experience was the inspiration for this week’s Dustinland. First it’s exciting — just the prospect of not being at work and being able to lie around the house and watch TV and futz around on the computer. But then once the real sickness hits you and you start to feel like shit, that’s when you realize that it kinda sucks being sick. And I didn’t even mention the really crappy part in the comic: being sick and still having to work from home. Because if work can suck at times, try doing the same work while you have a 100 degree fever. Good times.

And then as your illness drags on and you find yourself at home for longer than you expected, you start to get bored. Daytime TV sucks and there’s only so many movies most people can watch without getting itchy. By the time you start running out of tissues and medicine, you’re more than ready to get back to work.

Of course, once you return to work, ready and willing to get things done and interact with other people, you’re quickly brought back to Earth. Even though you were just puking, half the people in your office think you lied about the whole thing so you could get a few free vacation days. The people who do believe you don’t want to be in the same room with you, afraid they’ll catch whatever you have. And the rest of them didn’t even realize you were out. Welcome back! You were missed.