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People I See At The Supermarket

This week’s comic is pretty much what the title says it is: People I see at the supermarket—in Queens NYC. I have a feeling the supermarket experience is very different in most other parts of the country. For example, you can walk down an aisle and not be completely blocked by one solitary confused dumbass and their cart.  See, in NYC, space is expensive, so supermarkets have to jam everything into tiny cramped narrow aisles. And when you combine that with the lack of peripheral vision I referred to in my strip, well, lets just say you wind up retreating from 50% of the aisles.

To give you a quick behind the scenes on this strip, let me take you through the panels.

1: I really did hear people complaining about the excellent beer selection in my local supermarket. Not because they were teetotalers. They were looking for beer. There was just TOO MUCH. “Too much beer! It took me an entire 16 seconds of browsing before I found my case of Coors Light!!!” Andy Rooney would be proud.

2: I guess large assed ladies have the right to wear tights on such casual outings. It just seems… unusual that this is such a frequent sight. Maybe I’m looking too hard. I could be an ass man and not know it.

3. It’s always depressing how often a large, unhealthy and frankly dumb looking person has a cart full of processed garbage.

4. My wife said “maybe they’re stressed because they can’t read English. Think about how stressed you’d be trying to figure out diced or chopped just from the pictures.” Good point.

5. I have not given up! I still try to make it fun for my little guy at the store. But I do get it. Totally.

6. Yup. Just stand there. Don’t move. No one in here but you.

Sky Maul

Every product mocked in this week’s Dustinland is a real product featured in a recent issue of Sky Mall magazine. A few weeks ago I was on a flight and decided to flip through Sky Mall out of boredom. Upon seeing some of these ridiculous products I was inspired to draw a comic on the spot, which is kind of weird to do in public because people glance over at you and assume you’re some creepy loser (which is not true in my case, since I’m just a regular loser, not a creepy one). That’s why I make sure to wear a T-shirt that says, “I’m a professional cartoonist for MAD Magazine.” Then people take me seriously. They usually come up to me and say, “Wow, MAD is still around? I used to read that when I was 14. Remember those things in the back? The fold-ins? Those were awesome. I hated everything else. And I hate you. And why aren’t you wearing any pants?” But yeah, Sky Mall magazine sure has some crazy stuff in there.