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A Message From President Santorum

I know Santorum isn’t going to win and we’ll get to watch money bags robot Romney bumble his way through the rest of the presidential election, but I still felt like touching on one of his favorite subjects with this comic. Between him and Limbaugh, it’s really great to see the Republicans once again proving themselves completely out of touch with the majority of Americans. Keep preaching to the hardcore base of nutty right wingers. Keep alienating women. Your party sure has a great future if you keep it up.

As for the final panel, I’m sure I’m not the first one to point out the similarities between the Christianity and Islam—and Judiasm for that matter—when it comes to women. When you get to your harcdore fundamentalists, they all treat women like second class citizens. Makes sense: They all read the same books. And those books were written a long, long time ago.

Be A Man

I was recently out in the city and was noticing the interactions of some young single whippersnappers and it inspired me to draw this comic. Not because I am some super pimp dating guru, but simply because I remember when I was young and single and stupid, chasing after girls and not understanding why things weren’t working out. For most dudes, it takes a while to have that realization that you have to be more than just a “nice guy.” Of course, this is only part of the puzzle, because like I show in the comic, the reaction to this realization can result in major asshole-itude. It’s subtle. It’s something that can’t be told to you. It’s something that comes with age — hopefully. So as fun as it is to imagine what if some future me could have traveled back in time and dropped all this knowledge on younger me, there’s a good chance it wouldn’t have made one bit of difference.

Happy Ho-lloween

I was going to draw a comic about protesting the Tar Sands pipeline but I will save that for a more appropriate time… in the near future closer to a big protest date. Instead, here is something about boobs and a horse.

Chicks dressing up slutty is nothing new to Halloween, although judging by some of the costumes on sale these days, the whole sex aspect seems to be getting played up more — by both men and women actually. Maybe there are just more douche bags out there… maybe people just want attention. Hey, fine by me. If you want to show off your pumpkins all night, go for it.


If this gets more hits than my Hurricane Irene weekend live comic, I will be pissed. I mean, I like hits but still, what does that say about the internet and comics? Have you ever heard of someone live comic-ing anything? Really? I’m not saying for sure I’m the first person to do it, but I certainly haven’t heard anyone else do it. And rage comics don’t count.

So yeah, I should get some props here. But noooooo… people would rather have comics with a handful of panels and stick figures so they can read it in 15 seconds. Yeah, I know how it is these days. IM ON THE COMPUTER BUSY BUSY BUSY NEED FAST LOLZ BACK TO WORK. But still, live storm comic. Come on man. People gotta recognize a little innovation when it happens.

Eh, maybe it just wasn’t funny. Well, enjoy your vajazzling.

Talkin Bout Love

I used to hang out with this dude, and we’d drive around, and when he would see hot chicks walking around outside, he’d roll down the window and just yell some shit at them. I don’t mean he’d try to pick them up – at least that would deserve some sort of respect. He’d just yell shit at them and keep driving. And I’d be like, dude, don’t do that, man. It’s not cool. What if someone did that to your girl? Hell, what if someone did that to you? Well, anyway, that’s the subject of this week’s Dustinland, in a sense. No cars, but same idea.

Pr0ns and Cons

In case you don’t get the title behind this week’s Dustinland, people on the internet use pr0n (with a zero instead of the letter O) to refer to porn without having it show up on filters and office spying devices and whatnot.

So yeah, porn. You know, I think you’ve got to assume it’s probably not good for society. I think that’s what I’ve come to. But hey, who knows, maybe if everyone got completely overwhelmed by sex it would stop being such a big deal. I mean really, it’s possible. Hey, maybe they should legalize prostitution for all I know. Maybe a few dudes wouldn’t have lost it and shot up their local mall with a hunting rifle if they would have been able to drop $50 on a hummer and some nice boobs. Or maybe it just makes kids think it’s okay to bang each other and get preggers at 13. Maybe it degrades the mind and reduces something that can be a beautiful act between two people into something defined by debasement. Really, I don’t know. I just draw comics.

I Need Yo Love

This week’s Dustinland is based off some observations I’ve made recently. I touched on the subject of desperation back in 2004, but now I have a few new ideas on the subject. Must be that wisdom that comes with age. Yup, I sure am wise. But yeah, desperation is a killer. You can sense it instantly, like dogs and fear. The key is really to just be happy with yourself, just enjoying riding solo and being single, while simultaneously being able to playfully flirt. That’s easier said than done though, especially during a prolonged dry streak.