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There’s No Convincing

With the Climate March coming up, I felt compelled to write this Dustinland comic, since it’s the one issue I care most about. After a long time trying to figure out what I could do to convince people to care, I realized I can’t convince anyone, since I’ve tried many times before, and still no one seems to give a shit. So I made a comic about that.

Science fucking loves me

A Facebook group called “I fucking love science” recently posted the Dustinland comic about selective reasoning, and it has been making the rounds online, with more than 10,000 likes and 5,000 shares as of this post. Which is great because I think this is a really important issue. The constant attack on science—it has been going on for centuries. Just watch Carl Sagan’s famous Cosmos series. That aired in 1980 and more than 30 years later it seems like science is still being assaulted by people who just don’t want to believe things that don’t fit into their own personal dream of how the world should be.

Selective Reasoning

This week’s Dustinland comes out of anger at the politicizing of science. People are so inconsistent when it comes to their beliefs. They love all the modern conveniences science brings their lives, but when research points to anything that might disturb their pleasant reality or worldview—or make them actually have to sacrifice something—then science goes out the window.

Well that’s the thing about science. True science doesn’t care. You get some people together, they observe and study things, and then they tell you what they found. Of course science is done by people, so there’s going to be a human element involved. And there is funding to be considered as well. But ultimately, I trust science to tell me the truth about the world—and not just the truth I want to hear.