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Rex in the City featured in MAD Mag #500

Check out my comic in the latest issue of MAD Magazine: issue #500! Clearly their standards for contributors has been drastically lowered.

Rex In The City in July MAD Magazine

Make sure to pick up a copy of the July issue of MAD Magazine (a Narnia spoof is on the cover)! I’ve got a “Rex in the City” strip in there. For those of you who don’t know, “Rex in the City” is a strip of mine that occasionally runs in MAD. The main character is named — surprise — Rex, and the strip is closer to Dustinland than it is to Birdy. It’s pretty obvious where I got the title, and sadly, I just found out that the show is actually “Sex AND the City” not “IN the city.” I mean, I don’t watch the show and when people say it out loud, it’s hard to tell if it’s IT or AND. Oh well. I learned this from a comment on Reddit regarding this recent Birdy strip, and the comment went something like this: “It’s Sex AND the City, and your comic is shit.” Yikes. Sorry SJP fans — it’s Birdy, not me. Okay, it’s me too. That show fucking blows.