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2 Live Cru

Not sure how popular this latest Dustinland comic will be, as it combines wine snobbery and late 80s rap, but hey, I enjoyed it.

Spoiler alert: Tawny ports are wines, made from red grapes, that are aged in wooden barrels, exposing them to gradual oxidation and evaporation. Grand cru is a regional wine classification that designates a vineyard known for its favorable reputation in producing wine. “Me So Horny” is a song by rap group 2 Live Crew on their album As Nasty As They Wanna Be. It reached No. 26 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 1989, despite/due to the explicit nature of its lyrics.

Nothin But A G Rating

I think you don’t have to be a parent for this week’s Dustinland to hit home. I mean, even without my kid around, a lot of the hiphop that’s been coming out lately, I feel a little squeamish listening to it around my wife—and I’d imagine if I was single, it would be even worse.

Hey, I’ve always had my music that I listen to on my own. Dude music. Whether it’s black metal or Wu-Tang, basically, we’re talking angry and sometimes filthy music. The problem is that now everyone seems to be rapping this way. Instead of having your 2 Live Crew on one hand, and your De La Soul on the other, now even the chillest of hiphop seems to be chock full of “pussy” and “fuck” and a whole lot of “ninjas.” And that’s frustrating because sometimes I hear a track that’s great, and I can’t play it out loud anymore unless I’m home alone. Hell, not just a track, entire albums. I mean, what’s the deal? Either todays kids aren’t going to be able to listen to new rap until they’re teenagers, or 7 year olds are going to be running around talking about fucking hos, smoking blunts and fisting.

Again, I enjoy a lot of this stuff personally, but at this rate, my kid’s favorite MC is going to be Soterios Johnson.

Historical Hiphop Figures Expound Upon Rap Clichés

I have no idea if this week’s comic is confusing or funny or crappy or genius. There’s something there, but I’m not sure what it is. I think it was one of those things that started off as one idea and then turned into something else and kept spiraling into weirder territory until by the end I looked at it and was like, “Uh… I guess it’s done.”

But it’s not about babies, so at least there’s that.

P.S. If you actually do enjoy the comic, I would like to add that I am not trying to be a hip-hop hater. I’m not saying ALL rap is about the same lame topics, just most of it. And you can say that about pretty much every genre regarding one element or another. That’s why I don’t like 95% of music in any genre, but reallllly love that other 5%.

Questlove tweets about Dustinland (kinda)

Okay not Dustinland, BUT, I drew this picture for MTV Hive. It’s an illustration of one of Questlove’s recent tweets. MTV Hive then tweeted about my drawing. Questlove then tweeted about it himself. So ultimately, Questlove retweeted a tweet about a drawing about his own tweet, but either way, he’s talking about my drawing, so that’s pretty cool. High five everyone! I’m the Jimmy Fallon of webcomics.

Gucci Gucci for MTV

Check out these wacky rap illustrations I did for MTV Hive. This time I drew out the lyrics to some song called “Gucci Gucci” by Kreayshawn. I had never heard of this song or person before this project. Her style certainly made it easy for me to draw though, so I appreciate that. Just the earrings alone. I could draw a pineapple and stick giant square earrings on it and it would look like her. Good times. White girls rapping… maybe not such good times.

*** Looks like Kreayshawn herself retweeted MTV’s posting on this. The seal of approval from the queen of ovary swag.

The illustrated companion for Tyler the Creator’s “Tron Cat”

So I draw a lot of filthy awful drawings for MTV this week. In case you don’t know, Tyler The Creator is this young rapper dude. He’s part of a crew called Odd Future. I think they’re Cali dudes. They rap about a lot of “shocking” shit. It’s all pretty filthy and crude, or at least most of it is. So yeah, if you’re into rappers who talk about eating their dead girlfriends and banging dolphins, THIS is the guy for you!

So far it seems like this is getting some coverage: at The Daily Swarm and at Exclaim.ca.

***Update – Looks like some fun-loving person turned this into an actual video!

PS Don’t blame me, I didn’t write the lyrics.

Check The Rhyme Yall

For those of you that don’t get this week’s Dustinland, each panel features illustrated lyrics from classic hip-hop songs (classic is a relative word of course — some might just say old, depending on which song we’re talking about). And the songs are:

  • Panel 1 – The Humpty Dance – Digital Underground
  • Panel 2 – Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
  • Panel 3 – Let Me Clear My Throat – DJ Kool
  • Panel 4 – Bust A Move – Young MC / Mama Said Knock You Out – L.L. Cool J
  • Panel 5 – Get It Together – Beastie Boys
  • Panel 6 – Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer
  • Panel 7 – 93 ‘Til Infinity – Souls of Mischeif
  • Panel 8 – Cheif Rocka – Lords of the Underground
  • Panel 9 – Buddy – De La Soul
  • Panel 10 – Jump Around – House of Pain
  • Panel 11 – Insane in the Brain – Cypress Hill
  • Panel 12 – The Choice Is Yours – Black Sheep

Dustinland — Ladies’ Nizzight

This week’s Dustinland is pretty self explanatory. And yes, it really is based on a true story. A friend of mine wrote an article for a URB Magazine a while back and his research led to that amusing anecdote. Golly gee, it sure was funny! By the way, there are some pretty funny ads popping up along with this comic – at least the ones that I’m getting are anyway.

As for Birdy, this week he celebrates Earth Week by recycling. Get it?