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Blame The Jews

This week’s Dustinland comic is about how I feel about being Jewish, which is different than most Jews, I would imagine, since I am very non-Jewish in terms of practicing religion, or even cultural traditions for that matter. Basically, I light a menorah once a year and my parents make potato pancakes. That’s how Jewish I am. It stops there. But still, I am part of something much bigger. I’m a funny (supposedly) New Yorker that works in the media/advertising industries, so there’s that. But the whole thing is pretty weird. Not to be too much of a hippie stoner about it, but I’m just a person trying to make his way through life, and yet I am caught up in this centuries old feud, where you have to assume at least a billion people don’t like me, or at least don’t like the idea of me.

I don’t know. Everything is just awful right now, and getting worse. I mean, forget anti-semitism. Brazil is about to destroy the Amazon and China just said let’s kill all tigers and rhinos. The world is fucked. Mankind is doomed. But hey, I guess blame the Jews.

Relief Effort

This week featured two Dustinlands, and this one was a MLK Day special. Of course, MLK would not approve of the violent solution carried out by his image, so I do apologize for that. And you know, I struggle with the idea of ever suggesting a violent solution to any problem, but sometimes you just want to voice your feelings in a provocative way. Oh, and in case you don’t know what I’m referring to in this strip, in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti, fat gasbag Rush Limbaugh said people shouldn’t donate money to the Red Cross via the Whitehouse website because Obama might steal it, or something to that effect. Additionally, rotting evil incarnate Pat Roberston suggested that Haiti deserved the earthquake because back in the day they made a deal with a devil to free their nation from France.

So you know, I mean, it does seem like these guys deserve to have their heads exploded. I guess morally that would be wrong, so I’ll just for the record say that I would not be happy if this actually occurred. But I would have to try to not be happy, if you know what I mean.

Lastly, I would like to thank Simon Bisley for teaching me to draw bloody gore via his illustrations in an awesomely violent comic called Lobo.

Baracist Obama

First of all, just to make this idiot-proof to people who think I run around screaming the N-word:

I’m not saying I agree with the guy in this Dustinland. I’m making fun of him. I’m saying it’s ironic when racist people complain about racism.

Now, I didn’t want to post this comic. I drew it last weekend right after this whole situation first happened. I heard on the news: a black professor was arrested because he got angry when a white cop hassled him about entering his own home. A reporter asked Obama. He said, “sounds like the cop acted stupidly.” Of course it became a big deal. And I KNEW IT. I KNEW what these assholes would say. The whole reverse racism thing. It’s so predictable, it’s pathetic. So, after drinking a few beers, while on vacation, I sat by a lake and drew this comic. But then I figured, hey, this whole thing will just blow over. No need to ever post it.

But nooooooooo. Of course it has to keep going and going, with assholes like Glenn Beck going on FOX and not even beating around the bush — just calling Obama a straight up racist.

You know, if you don’t like black people, just say it. I would respect you more. Join the fucking KKK. At least be honest about it. Then we can have a real discussion. But what I really can’t stand are racists who hide behind this thin coat of bullshit. These are the same people who complain: “How come black people can say the word ‘nigger’ but white people can’t?” Why, do you want to say it that badly? Yes, yes you do, and everyone knows it.

Holy shit, how can this situation be an issue? I’m white and if a cop started giving me shit about getting into my own house, I’d get pissed. If I was black I’d be double pissed. It doesn’t matter if the cop’s intentions were racist or not. What matters is that from the point of view of a black person, it’s “Oh, because I’m black I can’t live in a nice house, I must be trying to break in.” Maybe the guy overreacted. Hell, maybe he’s a total asshole. Either way, the dude had a reason to be angry, and most definitely did not deserve to be arrested — that is for sure. So Obama hears about it and says it sounds like the cop acted stupidly. “OH NO! WHAT A RACIST! If it was a black cop who arrested a white cop, he’d never call him stupid!” Man, you can just feel it — these people love this shit. They are so angry, they have so much hatred, they just wait for instances like this to pop up so they can rant and rave and focus all that pent up misery in one place.

Man, I am sick of it. It’s just boring at this point more than anything. Boring and predictable, and I wish I didn’t feel like I had to put this comic up but sadly I still do.

Halloween Story for Election Night Jitters

There is just nothing left to say about the election tomorrow, so I figured this week’s Dustinland should be something light and fun. Hopefully it will make you laugh and forget about the election for a second. I know I need to stop thinking about it. I’m already anxious – I’m sure tomorrow night I’ll be a nervous wreck.