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As I say in this week’s Dustinland comic, having kids really is great, even though it sometimes drives you insane. But overall it’s totally worth it. This particular strip was driven by a particularly difficult bedtime that in total took over an hour and a half. You really do feel like you’re losing your grip on reality when you spend so much time arguing with a completely irrational creature that is only a fraction of your size and strength, yet somehow is able to control so much of what you do.

But I really do like to get soon-to-be parents excited about it. I hate those parents who try to scare you with that whole ” your whole life is about to be over” thing. Even if you believe it, why would you put that on other people who are trying to balance nervous anxiety with joyous excitement? I guess you could say that’s exactly what I’m doing with this comic, but hey, I needed a quick joke on a Sunday night.

The Baby Boobie Cycle

This has got to be the least sexy comic about boobs ever. Although I bet somehow, someone gets turned on by this. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

Really though, I was explaining some of this to a single friend of mine recently, and he was in shock. He imagined it as being the most frustrating thing ever—giant perfect boobs that are mostly not for the touching. But, you know, babies change everything in that arena, at least in the earlier stages. So it’s not quite that bad. But it is kind of annoying to see this little person come along and steal your boobs away.

By the way, I would also like to say that in the grand scheme of things, us men can’t really complain about anything related to pregnancy and babies, since we pretty much do nothing the entire time. Just wanted to put that out there before some angry mom flames me.

Oh wait — one more thing. Yes, I hate stick figures in comics. So why stick figures in this one? Well, for one, I think it can be argued that these are not stick figures. But regardless, I wanted to draw a comic about boobs that was PC enough for most people to be able to read it wherever they are. I also wanted to rid the comic of the added element of sex that pops up whenever a boob is drawn in even the slightest realistic manner. So tahdah: stick figures with boobs. Good times.

So You Want to Have a Baby

Another baby comic, huh Dustin? Yeah, that’s it. You got a problem with that? Hey, just think of it this way: you’re going to be bombarded with election bullshit for the rest of the year. At least this is different than that. And if you’re a parent or someone who hopes to be one in the future, hopefully you’re getting some extra enjoyment out of these strips.

But anyway, yeah, pregnancy. It ain’t so easy, huh! I mean, ultimately it wasn’t that bad for us to be honest, but still, even two months of misses is enough to start freaking you out, especially when you’re an old fart like me and not a fertile youngster like nature intended for breeding. Sure, there are plenty of people being born in the world, probably too many. So it’s really not that hard for most people apparently. I’m just sayin. There’s a lot of stuff they don’t tell you about when you’re a kid. You’ll see.

Big News

So, this week’s comic

A few people have remarked that my comics have been a bit less fun lately. Well here’s the thing. I draw my inspiration from my life. That’s where I get all my best ideas from. I’m not really a current events kinda guy on the most part when it comes to this comic. So I’ve had to hold back pretty much every idea for a comic I’ve had over the past year or so. Instead, I have often settled for easy jokes like making fun of Santorum. Which is enjoyable, sure, but there’s something missing. That nugget of truth I like to get at, just like any good comedian does. Not that I’m a comedian but it’s kinda the same thing.

Anyway I have to get back to child rearing but yeah, expect a lot more on this in the future. Not that Dustinland is going to turn into Family Circus, but like I said, I’ve been saving up ideas for a year.

PS It’s a boy!

PPS Insert cliches about how amazing it is to have a child (they’re all true).