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Dope Pope

Like I say in this week’s Dustinland comic, Pope Francis rules.

Man, a┬ákick-ass liberal pope talking about climate change! I just want to see conservatives crying. One second it’s all God and family values, the next second it’s, “well, leave the science to the scientists.”

Best pope ever.

Pope Exit Interview

I had some fun with the ol pope in this week’s comic, but really, I do think it’s kind of weird he’s retiring. I mean, how can you retire from being the word of God? It really just makes it seem like any old job. I’m curious as to what you do as a retired pope. Is he going to wander around Florida, wearing a jacket in the summer, complaining about how none of his cardinals call or visit anymore? Maybe I’ll save that for another comic.

Letter: President of the Catholic League is not happy

Back when I used to do comics for Binghamton’s Pipe Dream I did this one comic that involved the pope and a 40. Somehow this got back to the president of the Catholic League, William A. Donohue, who was not pleased.

To the Editor (of the pipe dream)

I was recently shown a copy of your Sept. 26, 1997, issue, containing on your “fun page” (page 11) a cartoon depicting an advertisement for a fictional “Vatican’s” malt liquor.

While I am sure the intent of the cartoon was simply harmless fun, I would caution you against trivializing the reverence in which many Catholic people hold our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, and our church’s hierarchy.

I also want to express particular concern about your use of a fictional quote from Pope John Paul II: “Jesus Christ! That’s good Goddamn liquor.” I am sure that there are certain ethnic slurs which you would not use, even in fun, because of their offensive nature. Similarly, I would ask you to be sensitive to the many Catholics and other Christians who are justifiably offended by the use of Jesus’s name in vain.

Thank you for your consideration