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Son of Dustinland

As I continue to recover, this week my six-year-old takes over the comic.

Well, I mean, he’s not literally taking over the comic, but I did mine his drawings for a few gems.

Toe Flush

This week’s Dustinland comic is about public bathrooms. It’s title “Toe Flush.” I think that says it all. We’ve all done it. But what inspired me to draw a comic about it was watching my son do it. At home. He didn’t actually learn it from me. He learned it from his mom. They were out at some dirty public bathroom and she did the old toe flush and now he tries doing it even at home. He just thinks it’s fun. He doesn’t get the concept of not wanting to touch a filthy public poop handle.

As for the caption, well, some of you may remember this classic PSA from back in the day. So there you have it.


Burning Marshmallow

Another week when I didn’t have to think about a new comic idea! Kiddo just said something and suddenly I had my comic. Man, he’s good, that little guy. Full of gems. I do like the combination of a child’s fresh perspective on the world combined with the unique way they look at words. They put things together in weird ways that are not entirely wrong, yet completely surprising and original. Poop is another fascination to them, and I have to admit, poop is weird. If you really think about it, that is. Not suggesting that you do, but if you did, it gets weird.


Poos and Quiet

This week’s Dustinland is about pooping and what not. Well, it’s not actually about poop. That’s really the least of it. Poop is just an excuse to barricade yourself (or myself) in a small room and be left alone for a few minutes. I think a lot of people can relate. At least men. I’m not sure if women do this or why they don’t if they don’t. I guess dudes more often fall into the “leave me alone I need quiet time” category while women more often fall into the “I want to talk about everything that happened to me today” category. A bit of unfair stereotyping there of course, so feel free to not call that out in the comment section.


Real Cute

For this week’s Dustinland, I skimmed through my notebook of comic ideas and stopped when I got to a note that said: “Babies are cute except when they poop.” And that about sums up the behind the scenes for this week’s gem.