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Greenwashing Redhats

I hope people understand this week’s Dustinland comic is satirical. I mean, I do sort of explain it in the first frame, but I am still a bit afraid of dumb dumbs not getting it and going all woke avenger on me. Not that I am against wokeness. I’m just against the combination of wokeness and stupidity, especially when wielded against purveyors of comedy.

Really though, if someone actually could get Trump supporters to actually care about (or even believe in) climate change, that would be nice. Trump would still probably do nothing about it, but at least that would be a start. I think they’ll start believing when something horrible happens to them — drought, fire etc…  Just like all the Republicans politicians who were in the pockets of the insurance companies until their summer homes were destroyed by hurricanes and they didn’t get paid due to insurance loopholes. Suddenly they cared!

Meh, it’s too early for a rant (and unfortunately too early to start drinking).

Donald Trump’s Cabinet

This week’s Dustinland comic is about Donald Trump’s cabinet. The comic does not portray the real one, but rather my take on his dream cabinet. But what I’m really trying to say is that Trump seems to be enacting the classic conservative tactic of appointing people who don’t believe in an agency’s stated goal to head that agency. So if there’s an agency dedicated to saving trees, he appoints a guy who works for the lumber industry. That sort of thing. That way he doesn’t have to go through the hard work of actually killing the EPA. He can just make it useless and weak via an oil industry stooge.

This is happening across the board, in the name of the economy, jobs and big business! I think we have to try this every 4-8 years because people forget what happens. This time I’m thinking all we’ll need is two. Two years of Trump and I think people will be just about done. Definitely metaphorically but perhaps literally. Hopefully not though. Hey, hopefully I’m wrong about this whole thing and Trump is the best president ever. Fingers crossed.

No Future For You

A buddy of mine calls me “Doomsday Dusty,” and I guess you can see why. But hey, at least I’m not the only one.

I think the most interesting part about this week’s Dustinland, if I may say so myself, is that there has always been a threat of doom looming over us, but the cause of that supposed threat was something bigger than the average person, from plague to nuclear war. Today, with future dangers stemming from environmental issues, we’re now told that the end may be near, not because World War III, but because when we throw out our toothbrushes, the plastic can leach into the water supply. Suddenly the most mundane everyday experiences are going to bring about the end of life as we know it. Talk about a situation to cause paranoia! We can’t just hope for our world leaders not to bomb each other. We have to figure out a way for billions of people to change the ways they live.

If I was an alien, I’d tell humans, “Good luck with that.” But I am human. So instead I worry, lie awake at night, and feel guilty for not knowing what I can do to stop it all.