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The Lord is my German Shepherd

This week’s new Dustinland comic is a totally true story about my recent trip to America’s oldest pet cemetery, and there’s not much more I can say to explain it than what’s in the strip — although I do have lots more photos I may soon share.

You may be wondering why I went there on a bright summer’s day. Well, I googled “secret Westchester” (I live in Westchester) and I found a list, and amid all the quiet little gardens and weird ancient businesses was this cemetery, and the photos were so interesting and unexpected, I had to grab my camera and give it a little visit. It really was nice to see. And I was maybe the only visitor. There were some grounds people there, and possibly one couple I saw in the distance. But that’s it. Many of these graves were over 50 years old. Can’t imagine someone is going to visit grandpa’s dog, right? That’s a whole weird thing in itself that I didn’t even mention in the comic. Maybe I’ll have to do a sequel.

Guinea Pigs

This first Dustinland comic of 2021 is about how 2020 made me adopt two guinea pigs. I explain it all in the strip, but basically it was out of guilt due to quarantine boredom and my allergies. So yeah. Furballs. They’re okay. Meh. I kinda like them, but they are also pretty forgettable. I think any pet that stays hidden in a cage all day is just gonna be so-so good even at its best.

At least we have fish. They’re like living decorations.

Mr Sniffles

This week’s Dustinland comic — posted one day early btw — is about how I’m allergic to dogs and cats. It really sucks. I grew up with cats and I used to take allergy shots to deal with it, and it worked. BUT, I had asthma. No sneezies, but asthma. Then, I moved out. College. Bye bye asthma. So yeah, no more cats or dogs. Sucks big time. Especially for my kid. Man does he want a dog. Really badly. I definitely feel like an asshole depriving him of this key life experience. And he doesn’t even have a sibling. I suck. What can I say.

But hey, next time you stop by and see all his Legos, you’ll understand it a wee bit more.

Owl Pacino

I got nothin for you on this one. Just tryin to get a laugh outta ya.

In other news, the site is now run by wind energy, so that’s nice.

Small Dog, Big Headache

First of all, regarding this week’s Dustinland, why do people get these small dogs? Except for maybe pugs, boston terriers and daschunds, my rule is generally that a dog should not be smaller than a cat. Otherwise, is it really a dog? Okay, once I knew a really fat chihuahua named Pepe, and he was pretty cute. But usually these little barky dogs suck. And barky they are. Almost all of them. Total Napoleon complex.

Second, why do people let their dogs out into the backyard at night if they’re going to bark? Why? What could these people possibly be thinking? I would love to know. How could you justify that? I’d be fascinated to hear the answer. Too bad it’s probably: “I’m crazy as shit.”

The Basset Hound

This week’s Dustinland really is a true story, although I didn’t draw the people the way they look in real life because I got a bit confused while I was drawing it, drew the wrong couple, and then it was too late to redraw the whole thing because I’m lazy and you don’t care. But man, imagine after the third sock came out. It must have just been ridiculous. And after five? You’d think it would never end. You’d think a pair of pants are coming out next. Either that or you could start your own sock factory. Brown socks mostly, I assume, but still, a dog that magically makes socks would be a good find, especially in these hard times.

One thing I left out of the comic is the dog’s reasoning. After consulting with the storytellers, they reminded me that the dog was very angry with them for not letting him sleep in bed with them, and that they assume he then went and ate the socks as revenge. Of course the dog didn’t realize his revenge would backfire, since he is a dog, and even though dogs are smart, they are also dumb. But nice to pet.