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We Don’t Talk About This Comic

This week’s new Dustinland comic is a Halloween special! It’s about how I look like Bruno from Encanto, so I dressed up as him. But it’s also about how I share other values with Bruno… as you can see from the comic.

It’s funny, as a dude with long hair, I can choose to either pick a costume with a mask or hat, or I have to pick someone with similar hair. So in the past I’ve gone as Che Guevara, for example. Think I may have to dust that off again. Also, the Dude. That one is just a fun time. Also was a good excuse to buy a really expensive sweater I still wear.

But yeah… we don’t talk about Bruno… but you can talk about this comic.

Optimist Prime

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about optimism. I know! Me, right? Well, I won’t give anymore away — the comic really explains the whole thing. By the way, I still haven’t finished the book I refer to in the strip, so maybe I’ll have to make a follow up comic at some point in the future if things go awry.