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Tis Hard to Pee Straight

This week’s Dustinland may not be the most highbrow strip I’ve ever done, however, it is very truthful, and, I’d like to think, insightful. I’m hoping my female readership can learn from this strip and come to understand that, for the most part, when a man steps into the bathroom and begins to pee, he does not close his eyes and spin around in a circle, despite what it may look like when he is done.

In other news, I will be away on bidness for a bit, so there will be no new comics next week. Fear not, however, for I will be back the following week with a super fantastic double- or even triple-sized Dustinland.

***Update: check out the fascinating pee-dialog this strip has inspired over at Reddit and a slightly less fascinating dialog here on Digg.

Letter: Reader pees in delight

Hey Dustin,

While reading one of the “Dustinland” comics, I laughed so hard that I lost bowel control. I LITERALLY peed my pants. (Just a few drops, but still.) I looked down between my legs – lo and behold – three drops of actual urine. I have a long, illustrious history of holding it in like no other, yet you rendered me pisspantsed from laughter. You are to be congratulated, my man.