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The Cycle Of Terror

This week’s Dustinland comic was obviously inspired by the recent events in Paris. So depressing. Really seems like there’s no solution. There’s just a brainwashing machine out there churning out people with no regards to their own lives, and how can you defeat that? One deranged person with a gun or a bomb can do a hell of a lot of damage. I guess on the bright side, we’re talking relatively small numbers of people killed if you want to compare stats to full on warfare where you have thousands upon thousands of people dying rather than hundreds. But it’s the way terrorism works that’s so awful. It’s one thing to die when you’re a soldier headed to battle. It’s worse dying huddled in your basement as bombs drop overhead. But to die while you’re having dinner or seeing a concert. It’s so random and unexpected and ridiculous — it’s so meaningless and seemingly unpreventable that it really inspires despair.

What’s the solution? I can’t even imagine. It’s just so easy for a small few on both “sides” to profit off of death and destruction coupled with pride and ignorance. It’s been happening since the dawn of human civilization and it will probably keep happening for many years to come.

Dustinland — Peedom Isn’t Free (In Yankee Stadium)

When a friend of mine first emailed me about the events inspiring this week’s Dustinland, I didn’t think I’d be hearing about them later on the evening news. But it became a big story pretty quickly, and people I know out in California have heard all about it. So I may not be breaking any news to a lot of you, but I still think it’s worth discussing — especially in light of the NYPD’s accusations. Man, this dude is the last guy on Earth who is going to be standing on his chair at a Yankee’s game, being a drunk, obnoxious tool. But it’s no surprise they lied about what happened. Once the cops came back from tossing out my friend, his buddy overheard one of them telling a fan that he was “cursing and saying this country sucks.” Not that it matters if he said the country sucks or not — that should still be legal — but it just goes to show you that these cops were already making up stories to cover their asses before 10 minutes had gone by. Man, I bet McNulty wouldn’t have pulled that kinda crap.

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