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I had something else planned for this week’s new Dustinland comic, but then my kiddo made the comment featured in the strip and I had to switch things up last minute. It’s amazing the things they put together. Just unique ways of thinking. Ironically, while my son gives me way more ideas for comics, he also sucks away all the time it takes to draw them. So that’s a bummer. But it’s pretty fulfilling being a parent, probably more fulfilling than drawing comics, so I think shorter strips are a worthy sacrifice, all things considered.

Oh but yeah, this election is a nightmare and the Olympics are way more fun. Nice to see Trump having a rough week or so and I hope that continues but still, this is just a really unpleasant time. Of course with climate change upon us, we’ll probably have plenty of unpleasant moments ahead of us, but hey, maybe elections will actually get better as mankind bands together to fight a common enemy, just like in Watchmen.

Dustinland — Olympic Trials

All week long I was planning on making this week’s Dustinland a big long rant against the Olympics being held in China. I wasn’t going to watch any of it either — as a protest. Well, I talked to some people and thought about it some more and, well, you see where I ended up. I still think it’s pretty messed up that the games are being held in China, but hey, I guess they’re not that much more messed up than we are. Man, it’s a sad world. We’ve got the whole world celebrating a fascist nation, Russia just started an oil war in Georgia, and we’re still fighting one in Iraq. But hey, go Michael Phelps! Go Redeem Team! Let’s just focus on the gold and forget about all that bad stuff and all those dead Tibetans. Things will be fine. Just fine.