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Re-TAR-ded: Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

Yes, it’s Halloween, but more importantly, it’s also less than a week away from a major protest about a very important issue that no one seems to be talking about. I don’t need to say anymore than I did in this week’s comic, but please, check out the sites I linked to under the comic for more info and to see if you can help in any way.

Honestly, I will be shocked if this thing doesn’t happen. First of all, eventually we’ll have another Republican president, and he will definitely give a pipeline the okay. As for Obama, well it will be an interesting test on where he stands. Leading into the election, I think he will approve it because otherwise they’ll attack him for being “anti-job” and for “keeping us reliant on Mid East oil” even though most of the oil will wind up being sold on the global market to countries in Europe and South America. Anyway, good for all the people in Nebraska who are fighting this thing. We learned hard lessons about oil and gas companies in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. Do we need to learn yet another lesson right in the middle of America’s heartland?

Birdy and the Gulf Oil Spill

We’ve all seen this sickening photo by now — a bird so covered with oil as to be nearly unrecognizable as a bird. And now it seems the mess in the gulf has afflicted Birdy as well. I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine he’s going to take this lying down. Check back this week to see what goes down.

And if you can, lend a hand or donate a few bucks to any of the many organizations that’s helping to clean up this mess: LA Gulf ResponseNational Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation, Matter of Trust, National Park Foundation… even just go out for dinner at a participating restaurant this weekend.

Not My Problem

I wanted to create a comic about the oil spill in the Gulf, but didn’t feel like doing some drawn out depressing screed that goes on and on about how we’re doomed, we’re ruining the world, the future is going to be like some fucked up apocalyptic movie, etc….  I mean, I pretty much still do believe that, but I’ve already done that comic. So I started to think about this BP disaster within in the bigger picture. What’s it really about? And of course the answer is greed. It’s always the answer. And this huge, interconnected world of ours only makes it easier to act on that greed, since you’ll probably never meet the people affected by your actions. A few clicks of a button, a few phone calls, and that’s all it takes to completely fuck over thousands of people. And you’ll be rewarded because you increased profits and that’s all that matters. Look at the spill. It could have been prevented. But in order to save a few bucks, a few percentage points off some CEO’s yearly bonus, we’re left with one of the biggest man-made environmental disasters in history. And will anyone pay? Will anyone be held responsible to a degree that they’re actually punished? Not a chance. No one will pay but the victims. And nothing will change. All you need is a small percentage of the world’s population to believe that their own personal gain justifies any actions. Those will be the people driven to rise to the top, to bring themselves into power, and to be in the position to fuck over the rest of us. And they will. Every time. Until it’s all ruined.