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Great Job

This week’s Dustinland comic compares two different states of mentality regarding the workplace. Or careers really.

When I was young, I was aimless. I didn’t care about work, and I had a pretty easy dead-end job, 9-5, in and out, no stress. So on the day-to-day side of it, life was great. No worries. No nightmares about looming presentations. No fear of layoffs. But in the grand scheme of things, it was stressful. Now, I was getting paid peanuts, which was fine at the time, since I was young and didn’t really need much besides money for beer and rent. But looking toward the future, I knew that would be a problem. And even worse, the bigger picture… there was really no place to go, no “up.” Just a steady dull career of churning out the same thing for a barely increasing wage. No pressure, but no future. And that was it’s own kind of long term awful stress.

These days, I take work a lot more seriously. It’s my career. My life. I have a family to take care of. I have pride in what what I do. And I have a career where there is a lot of potential for success. So looking forward, things are much improved. And in the wallet area, that too. But now there’s a different kind of concern. A day to day creeping. A consuming stress. Even physical pain. Yes, it’s that cliche career stress you heard about all your life, growing up, watching TV and movies, reading books, seeing the stressed out fat, balding out of shape white collar father with an ulcer in a migraine. Lying in bed, thinking about work, even dreaming about it. Checking your email while on vacation. Ah, mo money, mo problems. And freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. There’s got to be a reason they’ve been writing song lyrics about the same subject for 50 years.

Say What

So let me just make a few things clear about this week’s Dustinland comic.

Yes, it did happen, pretty much exactly like that. The coworker was not a superior. He or she does not look anything like the person I drew in the comic. We were not on a date—we went out with a group to discuss work offsite, then we were the last two left. She no longer works with me, and she probably does not know or care that I am Jewish, or remember this even happened, really.

Now, I really don’t think she was being overtly malicious or evil. She did really seem to feel awkward even saying it. So really I just laughed it off – silly young girl saying something stupid. But still, it does confirm that some stereotypes just don’t go away.

I would kind of like to really delve into this stereotype, but I don’t have the energy, because it would truly take a lot of words. I think with every racial or ethnic or cultural group of people, we all know people who epitomize every cliche about them, just like we know people who prove them all wrong. But it’s so easy and convenient when people do fit these molds, it’s hard not to go there.

I don’t know. It’s a weird world out there. And most of the time, it’s just easier to let things slide.

Oh, and definitely watch what you say around coworkers.

The People In Your Office – Part 2

Well, there’s a hurricane wreaking havoc on the east coast, and the miserable election cycle is in a fever pitch, so I figured this would be a good time for a silly distraction of a comic about office worker stereotypes.

This is the sequel Part 1, which I drew four years ago. This sort of strip is fun to draw. They’re actually inspired by some of Matt Groening’s Life Is Hell cartoons, which were hugely influential on me in my youth. Or my yoots.

Offal Space

“Offal is a culinary term used to refer to the entrails and internal organs of a butchered animal.”

So that’s where the title for this week’s Dustinland comes from. Sure, I wasn’t talking about animal bowels but rather human bowels, but still, you get the point. I was working on a pun. The Daily Show would have gotten away with it for sure.

In terms of the content of my comic, the girl in question is actually quite nice and I hope she never reads this. However, it is a bit inappropriate to talk about burritos and pooping at a loud volume in an open office environment full of many, many people, especially when you don’t even know the person you’re talking to. But I actually do enjoy it a bit, in a weird way. It’s just so funny and bizarre and unreal. And I like watching the dude next to me try to stifle his laughs.

Man, you just can’t beat real life for weird stuff.

Anti Social Security Guards

Yup. Here’s the story about me and the security guards. Not much of a story I guess. Basically it goes like this: Some security guards at my old office were hassling me and my coworkers since one of us forgot our ID so I got mad and cursed them out. That’s it. But I mentioned it in a blog post a while ago and everyone wanted to hear all about it so here it is. Are you happy now?

Really though, why do they have to ask you for your ID once every four months when they see you every day? EVERY DAY.

Open Orifice

So this open office seating thing isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, although my office is not quite as open as the one pictured in this week’s comic. I can see the reasoning behind it. You’re certainly not going to sit around playing Snood all day when everyone who walks by can see your computer. It can be a little weird though when everyone has their headphones on and it’s kinda quiet, even though you’re in a room full of people. I guess it’s like being in college and studying at the library (I wouldn’t know about that since I was an art/philosophy double major and I spent my time either drawing or thinking about stuff or thinking about the stuff I just drew). I think the biggest negative is obvious— the paranoia that sets in every time you do something not related to work. Like the other day when Google had its Pacman thing up. How can you not play at least once? It was just too fun. I played, but not with the joyful, carefree feeling that should come from a game of Pacman. I played like a 13-year-old who isn’t allowed to play video games when his parents aren’t home, but sneaks some gaming in every day and quickly packs it away before mom and dad come home.

But anyway, yeah, it’s tough when you’ve got the farts.

At least I have a job!

This week’s Dustinland is sad but true. A few months ago, many of us were preparing arguments to ensure big enough raises, and saying things like, “If they don’t give me at least 10% I am outta here!” But now that the economy is in the pooper, those days are long gone. Now the same people who got mad at rumors of smaller bonuses are just glad to have jobs. And when you see the person in the next cubicle packing their things into a cardboard box, well, the next time you have to stay a few hours late after work, suddenly you’re not griping like you used to. Well, at least Obama won, and hopefully that means this thing will turn around sooner rather than later – or never.