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My Mad Men thing is on Gothamist today

So the new poster advertising Mad Men is just a little figure on a huge white background. People are tagging it left and right, and Gothamist had a contest to do your own take on it. I threw one together and it’s up there today. It has a nice Occupy theme to it. Check it out.

Outta This World Earnings

This week’s Dustinland is sure to get some haters so let me diffuse that with some quick explanations. I know that some people in finance actually have very productive jobs that help move the economy and therefore supply jobs and other nice things to millions of people. However, there are also people in finance who play math games to make huge profits doing nothing very productive, not to mention those who knowingly lie to others in order to profit off their misfortune. That’s who I’m talking about here.

The real shame is that obviously most of these 1%ers are quite smart. And sadly, finance has become so lucrative, our brightest minds are now being drawn to this not necessarily productive part of society, rather than using their smarts to benefit mankind. Yes, it’s a free country, in theory at least, so people should be able to do what they want. But thankfully that also includes writing and drawing comics that express a desire for a world where saving another person’s life would be better rewarded than trading bundled packages of other people’s debt.

Occupy Wall Street: Nothing Lasts Forever

If you’re a regular fan, you know by now that I’m a pretty pessimistic guy (some may say realistic but in a sense, that comment right there is pessimism in itself). But sometimes people look to art for inspiration. And that’s what this week’s Dustinland is about. A little something inspiring for all those people out there protesting injustices around the world and trying to actually make some real change happen for once.

I think Egypt proved that protest can in fact make a difference, even in today’s modern world, and despite the continuing troubles they’re having over there, it’s still a good example for us here: If a country like Egypt can eject a military commander from office after 30 years, a supposed democracy like ours should be able to redefine our electoral and political process just enough to prevent corporate interests from counteracting the will of the people. In a sense, fighting corporate money in politics is even harder than ousting a single politician, but Occupy Wall Street has already made a good start just by getting their point out there and opening up the discussion.

Regarding my comparisons between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, it’s pretty clear that this is an interesting time in our country’s recent history. People on both sides of the political divide have had it with their supposed representatives in government, and are starting to say “Fine, if the Republicans or the Democrats won’t truly stand up for what I believe in and accomplish something, then I’ll get up there myself and make something happen without them.” As for the phony politicians and FOX News “conservatives” who are putting down Occupy Wall Street, you’re making a big mistake. Most people in this country don’t have a ton of sympathy for the people behind the financial meltdown. So if you want to stick up for them, go for it. See where that gets you.