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The NYC E Cig Ban

This week’s Dustinland comic was inspired by my buddy Russ. He’s an authority in vaping aka e-cigarettes. Basically the dude smoked for years and years and never was able to quit. Then e-cigs came along and boom, he’s done smoking. Sure, he still vapes all the time, but he feels great. Anyway, I recently heard that he’s supporting a lawsuit against the city claiming their soon to be enacted e cig ban is actually illegal, so I called him and asked what the deal was.

You can find out more about that from Russ’ podcast Click Bang! Me personally, I don’t smoke cigarettes. Never have. And I was so happy when they banned smoking from bars. But this… this just seems stupid. Here’s something that people are using to kick the habit, and we’re going to make it more difficult for them? Why? Well, that’s what the strip is about, so no need to get into it again here. But yeah. NYC. Come on. Bloomberg is out. Enough with the nanny state thing.

Subway Sweats

There’s a lot of the subway sweaty butt seat thing I talk about in this week’s comic going on right now in New York, but I must say, it is not a phenomenon exclusive to summer. You see it all year long. And sweat is not really the right word. When you hear “sweat” you think actually liquid that can drip and form puddles. Really though, it’s more like what happens when you breathe on a window and it fogs up. I guess it’s just asses breathing. Asses, thighs and backs, that is. Ass breath is something completely different.

Yup, I’m really going highbrow this week.

Anatomy of a Bro

Man, freaking bros. You know, sometimes you have to appreciate their enthusiasm. But usually you just want to punch them in the face. For instance, I was recently at a very special concert. It was very hard to get tickets. They cost a lot. The band rarely ever plays venues of this tiny size. And yet somehow the place was full of bros…. talking (or shouting) over every song that wasn’t one of the band’s bigger hits, especially the quieter songs. It was so bad, the crowd was consistently having to SHHH them down, to no effect, and the massive bro-itude was even mentioned by multiple media sources in their reviews of the show.

I think my main problem with bros is their obliviousness to others. Or perhaps they aren’t oblivious, and even worse, are just plain rude. Hey, you want to go out, have a good time? That’s awesome. Hell, sometimes it’s better to be around a bunch of hard-partying happy bros than a crowd of grumpy, snarky, emotionless hipsters. But at least the hipsters tend to have decent taste and some respect for art. Of course I’m generalizing here but yeah, bros, just give it a rest once in a while. We can all hear what you’re saying, and we don’t care.

Representing Queens, New York

So, with this week’s Dustinland, I’m not trying to be one of those people who are like WHERE I LIVE I THIS BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD!!!!! just because I happen to have been born there. But it is a nice place with some cool stuff, and frankly, I think it’s a little underrated and unappreciated. And I just hate Queens turning into Brooklyn’s kid brother over the last decade or so. You know, they opened up a rooftop farm in Long Island City, Queens, and they named it Brooklyn Grange. Hey assholes, I like that you opened a farm, but your farm is in Queens. Stop fronting.

So yeah, this is the kind of thing that annoys me. Well, a lot of things clearly annoy me but this one is the one I’m talking about right now.