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How to be Popular on Instagram

I’m relatively new to Instagram, so perhaps this week’s Dustinland is a bit late to a subject other people have already touched on. Or maybe it’s totally original. Either way, I actually love Instagram and I’m not trying to poop on it. It’s just fun to find trends and patterns that people seem to obsess over—or really ways people game the system. I feel like everything about the Internet / social / mobile today is about gaming the system. “Best practices.” Tricks to get more followers. Maybe I’m just too cynical but it seems like for so many people, the fun is not in the doing but in the receiving of approval. I’ve touched on this before, and I’ll probably touch on it again, maybe because I feel the pull of vindication just as much as anyone else does. Otherwise I’d be drawing comics in a sketch book instead of posting them online, right?

Everything Is Better Outdoors

This week’s Dustinland is based on what I think is a pretty interesting truth: when you do something mundane outside, it suddenly becomes “doing something.” Take reading a book. You read a book on your couch, big deal. But you spend a Saturday afternoon reading a book outside in your backyard, and man, now that’s a good day. I could probably launch into some sort of nature writing thing here but I just did laundry and I don’t feel like it right now. But you get the point: mankind is tied to nature, we like to be outside, it’s special, it’s nice on a nice day, it can make the most lame thing seem fun and cool, blah blah blah trees and birds are nice.