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Rated PG

After I told someone about this week’s Dustinland comic, they informed me that perhaps E.T. came out before the creation of the PG-13 rating. Which would make sense. When they only had G, PG and R, movies like E.T. fell into a weird place. How would you rate a movie with just a few slightly scary moments and a handful of curse words? PG or R? I’d go PG. With the addition of PG-13, I guess it would be a closer call. Even then I’m not sure what I’d rate it. All I know is that man, I did not expect anyone to say “penis breath” in such a family classic. Oh well, I guess kiddo will hear a lot worse in life. Maybe even from the old man…  “oh fuuuuuuudge.”

10 movies that sound like they’re for kids… but REALLY aren’t

I could probably have drawn a whole other comic based on the suggestions I’ve already got for this comic. Maybe I will. It’s a fun idea. Back when I used to draw for MTV, I did something similar about song that sound like they could be for kids but aren’t. This one is clearly about movies.

Here are the ones people have said I missed:

Pineapple Express

Animal House


Child’s Play

Rosemary’s Baby



Road trip movie map

Check out this map of famous movie road trips I designed for MTV’s NextMovie blog. I have to say, I have never seen some of these movies, but Smokey & The Bandit sounds fantastic.

2011: The Year Hollywood Ran Out of Ideas

I’m sure some people will look at this week’s comic and say “Hey, Hollywood ran out of ideas long ago,” or maybe “Hollywood isn’t out of ideas, they’re just too scared to put money behind anything new that might be a risk in any way.” And I would agree with you if you said either of those things. However, this year is looking particularly bad, even taking all that as a given. I mean, when you’re having to remake Fright Night… come on. You can’t think up a new horror movie? I guess they ran out of ideas after Saw 42.

Photopicus Shopizam!

That’s the magic spell I used to create this image for NextMovie that shows how the Harry Potter kids have aged through their seven movies. By the way, I am completely clueless about Harry Potter. I saw part of the first movie and that’s about it. I do know that they once sold this vibrating broomstick toy that got a lot of attention because it was kind of like a vibrator. Good times.

The Silence of the Calves

Okay, so I was a little lazy this week. But hey, I’m on my Two Weeks. This is my vacation!

Look Ma, I can do Photoshops!

So I just did some Photoshop work for my buddy over at Moviefone. I think most of it came out quite well, and I guess it’s doing pretty well online and getting a lot of Diggs and Shares and Tweets and Flurbs. Check it out: 15 Movie Posters Re-Imagined With the Stars Originally Cast. Interesting, educational and humorous all at the same time.

Hey, check it out: I did the illustrations for the AOL Movies quiz

Got a few extra minutes to futz around online? Then take this movie quiz on AOL and enjoy the wonderful, Dustinland-esque illustrations provided by none other than me, Dustin Glick, the mildly funny, poorly compensated cartoonist. The quiz isn’t like one of those things on Facebook where you have to figure out who won best supporting actress in 1963. It’s more of a quiz about your own personal movie-going habits. Do you like butter on your popcorn? Do you sit in the front or the back? That kind of thing. I did about 20 drawings for them, one for each question, and they are all so funny, they’ll briefly make you forget about how much your life sucks and everyone hates you. It worked for me!