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Rated PG

After I told someone about this week’s Dustinland comic, they informed me that perhaps E.T. came out before the creation of the PG-13 rating. Which would make sense. When they only had G, PG and R, movies like E.T. fell into a weird place. How would you rate a movie with just a few slightly scary moments and a handful of curse words? PG or R? I’d go PG. With the addition of PG-13, I guess it would be a closer call. Even then I’m not sure what I’d rate it. All I know is that man, I did not expect anyone to say “penis breath” in such a family classic. Oh well, I guess kiddo will hear a lot worse in life. Maybe even from the old man…  “oh fuuuuuuudge.”

How to Reinvent Yourself at College (Via Movies)

I just did some illustrations for a feature on Nextmovie, “The movie site for the next generation.” The feature is called How to Reinvent Yourself at College (Via Movies) and it was written by my buddy Jay Newman. Check it out here!

Avatar Birdys

This week’s Birdys (1220, 1221, 1222) were inspired by the movie Avatar. Now I know what you’re thinking: Dustin, oh infinite hater of all things, did you dislike the movie? Actually, no, I quite enjoyed it. My quick review: I will forgive the poor dialgoue, silly plot holes, and occasional bad acting, for it is all balanced out by the film’s incredible visual beauty (see it in 3D to have your mind blown) and its ultra liberal message (might as well have been written by Noam Chomsky). Well, for once something has lived up to the hype.

Watchmen Birdys

If you don’t know Watchmen, you won’t get this Birdy – or this one – or this one. But if you do know Watchmen, the comic, not the movie, you should appreciate these suckers.

Also, how about that new online store I got running? I know you want a Birdy mug! Or how about a chair shirt? Come on, who doesn’t like chairs?