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Mad No More

Mad Magazine is gone, and this week’s new Dustinland comic is in celebration of a classic publication. So influential, a home to so many great artists and satirists… now a victim of the modern, digital era. Unable to pull at Nat Geo and reinvent itself for the days of Instagram, or even the days of peak television, it’s going away forever. And I’m so grateful I had the chance to work with them.

Just for a while, I got to be… one of the usual gang of idiots.

20 Years

This new Dustinland comic is not so much about my new book (which you can now buy here at Amazon!) but rather inspired by it. It’s about the thought process behind it, and the hopes, fears, dreams, and paranoia brought on from discussing it with people in the real world. So really it’s more about success, as an artist and as a human.

It’s a topic I’ve touched on before and probably will again, but I felt that this 20-year milestone was the right time to dive into it.

Also, I was inspired by my trip last night to the Society of Illustrators for a goodbye party for MAD Magazine, as they are moving from their classic NYC home out to the west coast to join the rest of their DC Comics companions/overlords. As an occasional contributor, it was an honor to be among great like Al Jaffee, Tom BunkHermann Mejia and basically a huge room full of some of the world’s best cartoonists. I’d like to thank all the awesome MAD editors and staffers (especially Jonathan Bresman and Ryan Flanders), who were so kind to me over the years, and who brought me into this amazing family of talented artists and creators. It’s a bummer to see the gang split up and such a NY institution leave town, but hey, the times they are a changin.

Totally MAD: 60 Years of Humor, Satire, Stupidity and Stupidity (and one of my comics)

Hey, here’s a fun surprise. I received a large package in the mail yesterday. There was a book inside. This book—a compilation of work from MAD Magazine’s 60-year history. And after a quick skim, turns out one of my strips made the cut. Pretty cool! It’s really an honor to be included in such a tremendous history of cartooning and other tomfoolery, so yes, that’s great. Also I think they may owe me 17 cents for this somewhere down the road but that depends on whether more than 4 people buy the book (see, that’s called self deprecation, something MAD likes to do, So I’m doing it here since I’m writing about them—genius, I know).

Rex in the City online MAD Magazine’s blog

For the first time ever Rex in the City—my strip for MAD Magazine—is online. Check it out here!

New “Rex in the City” strip in the latest MAD Magazine

If you can find the latest issue of MAD Magazine, pick one up. And then buy it. Inside, you’ll find one of my “Rex in the City” strips. It may or may not be familiar to you in some form or another via Dustinland.

Rex in the City featured in MAD Mag #500

Check out my comic in the latest issue of MAD Magazine: issue #500! Clearly their standards for contributors has been drastically lowered.