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I was gone for a couple of weeks on a work trip, so I figured I’d come back with a very serious Dustinland comic for these very serious times.

And it does bring up a lot of good questions. Where DID he come from? And where DID he go? It’s a mystery we’ve been trying to solve for ages. And the answer… well, that’s something we may never know.

Dustinland — But Seriously Folks

I really wanted to put this one in this week’s Dustinland: A three legged dog walks into a bar and says “I’m lookin’ for the guy who shot ma paw!” but it’s not the same unless you say it out loud. Just like this one: What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? “Where’s my tractor?” But you have to say “where’s my tractor” in a farmer voice. But seriously, my wife called me and said “come over, nobody’s home.” I went over. Nobody was home.