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This week’s Dustinland comic is about how everyone has a huge beard these days, and how that’s awesome. I’m definitely a fan. I myself cannot grow a full on caveman beard but I do have a goatee. Would I grow a beard if I could? I would at the very least try it. Why not? Beards are awesome. I mean, compare this trend to the whole metrosexual thing. I’d rather hang out with a bunch of lumberjack looking dudes than some guys who look like Ryan Seacrest. No offense to Seacrest, I mean, he could be a super cool dude. I’m just saying, he’s no Brian Wilson (the pitcher, not the Beach Boy [well either, really]).

Ironic Hipster T-Shirts: Behind The Scenes

I’m back with a new Dustinland after a week off for my summer vacation, and this comic is about hipster T-shirts. Well, at the time they weren’t really hipster T-shirts. They were just cheap ass used shirts that were perfect for recent college graduates barely scraping by in NYC—or any other place really. This was back in the early 2000s before social media, so there actually were secrets that lasted for a little while. Today, forget it. If someone found a place to get cool anything for cheap it’ll be posted and shared to death within days and before you know it, bye bye. It’s ruined.

Thankfully these days I can afford to pay more than $2 for a shirt and I’m sort of at that point where I don’t wear tees to work, but I still think it’s sad that this isn’t even an option anymore for those who wish it was, if there are such people, which there may no longer be.

Build-A-Hipster: The App

Yes! Finally, a Dustinland app! Introducing Build-A-Hipster, a fun little 99-cent app available now at the App Store! It’s based off my most popular comic ever, The Theory of Hipster Relativity. This thing has actually been in the works for a long time, but as I have never made an app before, it took a lot of wrong turns before finally getting on track. But eventually I found the right developer and hopefully you like it!

That’s right Dustinland fans, I’m talking to you! Please, if you have an iPhone, buy this thing. It’s cheap, it’s fun, and I’m counting on you to enjoy it and spread the word. Seriously, tell your friends, and more importantly, if you know any bloggers or media types, let them know. I can even hook them up with a free download if that dollar is gonna hurt too much.

So yes, as I said in this week’s comic announcing the official launch, now you can create your very own hipster! Thanks so much to Nick Deyring and Ben Bartholomew (he developed it, that’s why there’s a link to his site [which is actually a link to my site since we can’t change his name unless I want to pay to register for a new license or something like that]) for making this happen.

Hipster comic via Gothamist

Gothamist has a pretty funny photo of a “hipster trap” up today, along with a link to the Theory of Hipster Relativity Dustinland. Check it out yall.

The Theory of Hipster Relativity

This week’s comic was inspired by the realization that I have been called a hipster, yet I call other people hipsters. And yet everyone was right. When I went to a dive bar in Williamsburg in 2005 and watched my friend get into a fight with a wimpy little shit with an obnoxious haircut, black rimmed glasses and a skinny tie, I was right in calling him a stupid hipster. And when a guy in my office who could be an extra on The Jersey Shore looked at me and saw a tall, skinny long-haired music nerd and called me a hipster, he was right. And I’m sure when he goes home and hangs out with his friends, they call him a hipster for being a graphic designer and knowing more about fonts than most people do about anything. It’s all relative.

*Update: This strip made the front page of Reddit today. Thanks for all the love all you Redditors!