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This week’s new Dustinland comic is about how I recently got Invisalign. I explain it all in the comic but yeah… not my favorite thing in the world but I’m hoping the results will be worth it. Just so annoying that despite having braces as a teenager for a bit, I still have to do this 30 years later. My dentist just said “yeah, teeth move.” I swear, the older you get, the more you’re like “no one told me about this!” Especially in the health department.

After a week though, I admit, I’m getting used to it. It’s just annoying if you’re not home. Definitely the worst part. Also – I really haven’t been snacking at all. Just such a pain to always be taking these things off and brushing… so I just eat three meals and that’s it. I wonder if people lose weight when they get these things. I probably don’t need that though. I’m already Kevin Durantish in stature, and I don’t mean financially.

2023 Fitness Trends

This week’s new Dustinland comic is a satirical take on modern fitness trends. They do seem to be getting more and more minimal and hardcore at the same time, which I think isn’t the worst thing in the world. I recently watched this new Chris Hemsworth show on National Geographic and boy did it make me feel like a pile of garbage. I mean, I knew I didn’t have any kind of hardcore workout routine as a part of my life, but now I know it’s literally going to make me die earlier. Fun times. Guess I need to do some ice bagging.

Health Bomber

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about how easy it is to slip back into bad habits. We’re all just looking for that excuse.

And to be honest, I find Dry January annoying. Of course it’s not a bad thing that people are drinking less, but I just find these mass “let’s all do X at once” things irritating. It makes me want to do the opposite pretty much every time.

Bliss 2 AKA “Not Monkeypox”

This week’s new Dustinland comic is not really about Monkeypox, but it sort of it. Basically, it’s about where I’m at right now, mentally speaking. Which is trying to avoid paying attention to stressful things I have no control over. Some people seem addicted to bad news and rage, and while I’m not saying to be uninvolved in the harsh realities that shape our world, I do think it is harmful to spend so much time either fuming or worrying.

And so… the dude abides.

Unskinny Bop

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about how I’ve always been skinny but maybe in middle age I have reached the point where if I don’t take care of myself, I will grow a dad gut. We’ll see! It’s hard to take care of yourself when you’re busy all the time, and also when you’re bored, uninspired and depressed. You know, it’s like, I can have abs, but does it really matter if democracy is crushed across the globe as the Earth becomes an uninhabitable hellscape?

Tuesdays, amirite?

Dry January

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about Dry January, which I think is boring and not fun. I spell it out in the comic, and I mean… I get it. People booze it up and get all fat and bloated and drunk all December, so then January is like “New Year’s Resolution Time!” Time to pretend we’ll be healthy and different for a month and yay, I did it! So again, it makes sense, and I’m sure plenty of people feel better and get something good out of it. I just hate January (and February) so much, I’d rather to Dry June. I mean, why punish ourselves? Let’s balance it out, nahmean?

In other news, there are also two new Birdy strips this week, and a few new Birdy NOFTs. I actually sold 6 of these suckers last week, so how bout them apples. And boy has it been a weird, funny experience, because each Birdy NOFT unlocks and experience or gift for the owner. So far I’ve had to draw original sketches for someone, clap 11 times, send people bad news for 6 days in a row, send an empty envelope to the UK, and draw someone in an original Birdy strip. It’s really been a fun time — largely thanks to my buddy DJ Fathead who is starring in the two new Birdy strips this week, and who introduced me to NFTs a year ago, before it was a big thing. No, I didn’t really get into them or make any money, but you know, that’s not my thing. Jokes and drawings — yes. Making money from comics and art — no.

Check Up

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about how I just had my yearly physical… for the first time in four years. But it’s not really about that, it’s not really about my health. It’s about my mental health and a surprising question the doctor asked me.

Tough times out there guys. Tough times. I’m not as bad as I seem though. I have to exaggerate things for the comics. Although ironically, I really shouldn’t exaggerate the depression ones. No one seems to like them. Parenthood follies though — WHEW! Kids do say the darnedest things, don’t they. I’ll go back to that next week, perhaps. But for now, let’s wallow, shall we?

Animal Movement

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about getting ripped. Or swole. Getting gains. Muscles. You get the picture. Pilates. Powerlifting. Zumba. That’s what I do. Actually it’s not. I do pushups and sit-ups on weekdays. You guys do all that other stuff. UGH it’s boring. I mean, yes, of course it’s good, it can be invigorating, it can be interesting if you do the right thing… but honestly, it’s just not interesting. It’s not mentally stimulating to me to find infinite ways of reaching the same result. Although maybe that’s what comics are. Who knows. Nothing matters.


This week’s new Dustinland comic is about how I got my first shot last week. Vaccinated. Partially at least. And it feels good.

I can’t wait for you to feel the same way.

Back Pain

Going to the doctor can be really embarrassing when it makes you realize how out of shape you are. Like I said in this new Dustinland comic, it turns out that I literally hurt myself by sleeping. Not running, not playing basketball, not skateboarding. Sleeping. This is the kind of thing that happens as you get older. It’s like the Louis CK bit where he asks the doctor what he can do about his knee and the doctor says, “Eh, nothing. Your knee is just shitty.” I mean I can do something about my stupid back problem, and I am, and it involves pillows and a giant rubberband, but you get the point.

Well, on the bright side, any time I get sick or hurt in any way, it does inspire me to work out more and eat healthier, so at least there’s that.