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Cup Scouts

This new Dustinland comic is about cup stacking AKA speed stacking AKA the “sport” where kids stack and unstack cups as quickly as possible. I won’t say anything else here, since I pretty much say it all in the comic, but I will also leave you with this insane clip of the world speed stacking record:

On The Run

Yup, I sure do like runnin. Okay, well not too much, bust still, it’s become a hobby. I’m not one of those hardcore people you see running outside on a 25 degree day, but I do feel bad if I don’t run for a week. Which is actually the case right now. I run after work and sometimes that just isn’t possible. I really should run and workout in the morning before work but I need to sleep to the last minute possible. That’s just how I roll.┬áBut yeah, it’s fun to beat people at the track. It gives you a little extra inspiration, plus a newfound respect for people that are out of your league.

You may have also noticed I was listening to a little Pantera while I ran. I totally need good music for running and working out. I kinda mix it up between metal, jungle and minimal techno. It depends what I’m doing. Obviously I like the harder stuff for working out, or for running in the gym on the boring treadmill. Running outdoors gives you a different feeling, so then I go for lighter stuff, but still epic and driving. I’d like to run out in the country and just listen to the birdies and the wind in the trees, but I live in New York and instead I get the cars and the planes and annoying people talking.

Hit The Gym

I drew this week’s Dustinland on a Sunday, as I do pretty much every week. This particular Sunday though, I was feeling extremely uninspired and lazy, after helping my parents buy a new air conditioner, trying to install it, returning it, buying another air conditioner, and then bringing that one back to their place and installing that one. Now, Sundays can be lazy days already, but after four hours of air conditioner drama, you reallllllly don’t feel like doing anything, not to mention going to the gym. Going to the gym is pretty much the opposite of how I felt. And you know, I think that getting the inspiration to actually motivate and go to the gym is the hardest part of working out, because once you’re there, you get into it, and it’s usually pretty easy, and possibly even fun or at least fulfilling. But for some reason, it seems that whenever you have to go to the gym, that’s when you feel at your very laziest.