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Son of Dustinland

As I continue to recover, this week my six-year-old takes over the comic.

Well, I mean, he’s not literally taking over the comic, but I did mine his drawings for a few gems.

The Fart

I hope my kid is never embarrassed by this fart-related comic. I mean, he is only one, so anything he does at this age should only be considered cute or funny, or perhaps painful, like when he smashed me in the face with a metal spoon not too long ago this evening. But yeah, KIDS SAY THE DARNEDEST THINGS, GFFAW!

Actually, I do have something else to add. My friend taught his kids to call farts “pibbiters.” Based on the way you might write a fast sound effect: PBBBT! Maybe I should try to switch to that.


The fart.

Open Orifice

So this open office seating thing isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, although my office is not quite as open as the one pictured in this week’s comic. I can see the reasoning behind it. You’re certainly not going to sit around playing Snood all day when everyone who walks by can see your computer. It can be a little weird though when everyone has their headphones on and it’s kinda quiet, even though you’re in a room full of people. I guess it’s like being in college and studying at the library (I wouldn’t know about that since I was an art/philosophy double major and I spent my time either drawing or thinking about stuff or thinking about the stuff I just drew). I think the biggest negative is obvious— the paranoia that sets in every time you do something not related to work. Like the other day when Google had its Pacman thing up. How can you not play at least once? It was just too fun. I played, but not with the joyful, carefree feeling that should come from a game of Pacman. I played like a 13-year-old who isn’t allowed to play video games when his parents aren’t home, but sneaks some gaming in every day and quickly packs it away before mom and dad come home.

But anyway, yeah, it’s tough when you’ve got the farts.