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This week’s new Dustinland comic is about the ongoing nightmare we’re experiencing after last week’s violence in D.C. While it would be easy to just rant about how everyone warning about the dangers of Trumpist misinformation was right, I felt it more interesting and nuanced to discuss freedom. Freedom of speech in particular. Because it’s probably the one place where I am hearing a debate from both sides, not just one. And it’s an interesting and distressing problem. One I don’t claim to have the solution to. All I can say confidently is that governing hundreds of millions of people is complicated, and like Socrates suggested, anyone who walks around pompously claiming they know the answer to this or that is probably full of it.

One last note. I don’t love the art for this one, but I just needed to get a strip out before some other crazy shit happens, and free time is tricky to come by in these quarantine days. So thanks for staying with me even if this week’s strip is more of an illustrated article than a comic.

The Dolly Parton Challenge

This week’s new Dustinland comic is my take on the Dolly Parton Challenge, an innocent yet self-centered meme where you create a quadrant of selfies, one for each of the four major social media platforms (aside from Twitter). It’s a fun meme, but I mean, the reality behind social media — and life in general — is that no matter what you do, no one really cares (unless it directly affects them), and then you die. But hey, once you realize that, it can really free you up. Because if life is fleeting and meaningless, why waste so much time on social media?

Social Media After Trump

Sorry I missed last week. I had the choice to watch the Super Bowl or draw a comic and I choose Super Bowl. And now I’m also a day late this week. Because of work. Yeah man, life makes cartooning hard. But Trump makes it easy! As per this week’s new Dustinland comic, which is my impression of our social media feeds these days. Pretty shitty. All Trump, all the time. I usually hate the Grammy’s but this year it was nice because at least people were talking about music instead of Trump. I mean, there was plenty of Trump there too but at least not 100% Trump.

Uh… silver lining… at least people are involved now? Maybe that whole burn it down so we can really fix it theory will work after this? That’s the best I can do.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Staying With The Times

My latest Dustinland comic is about social media. And hey, that’s how I promoted it. But it’s really more of a commentary about people and trends. That’s what’s ultimate underlying the strip. How we’re always chasing what’s hot and never catching up, even when the hottest thing is something we already did many years ago.

Technology or not, some things never change.

Like This Comic

Like I said in this week’s comic, of course the Internet is a great thing—really one of the best things ever, an I mean that quite literally. But still, there is a sort of anxiety it has unleashed upon us. The more we share, the more we are constantly checking back to see if people agree or respond. And when they don’t we wonder why. Then we try harder.

A lot of people might not agree with this. They might say, “Hey, I share online with my friends because it’s fun. I don’t sit there worrying who will retweet me.” And they might actually believe that. But deep inside, they do care. Otherwise they wouldn’t post. That’s the thing—why share something if you aren’t concerned with the opinion of others? And caring requires effort. Sharing requires putting yourself out there to be judged. This is all stressful. Little tiny moments of stress throughout the day. That’s what many of us are doing to ourselves with all this sharing.

Just think about show and tell. What if you came to school, brought your favorite toy, stood in front of the class, showed and telled, and then no one cared. No one paid attention, no one asked a question, no one talked about it after. You’d be one sad kid. That’s what I’m talking about here.

The Moon Liking – Facebook in Space

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say with this comic. It’s kind of like one of those New Yorker strips where you sort of get it but not really. Ultimately I think it’s a statement about the triviality of our current obsession with social media, as well as a commentary on just how deep it runs through.

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Birdy is now on Facebook

Check him out right here.

By the way, I had been telling him to do this for years but he would just respond “No.” Either that or he would throw an ax at me.

Dustinland — Facebook Flake Frustration

When I was in college, there was no Myspace. No Friendster. People didn’t even have cell phones or iPods. So now finally Facebook is catching on big with people my age, people who couldn’t be a part of the original site back when it was strictly a college thing. And let me tell you, people come out of the woodwork on this site worse than they ever did on Myspace or any other site I’ve been a part of. But the thing I don’t get, the thing I talk about in this week’s Dustinland, is this: why would you search for someone from your past, send them a message, then not reply back once they respond to you? I can see just clicking “Add as friend” but once you go through the trouble to send a message, you’re saying, hello, I’d like to start a dialogue with you. And okay, fine. I have no problem send a paragraph of email to someone I haven’t seen since second grade if that’s what they want. But don’t leave me hanging then. Don’t leave me feeling like I’m the asshole begging for a friend here. It’s like asking someone out on a date, then not picking them up. Unbelievable. I know a lot of this can be attributed to laziness but that’s no excuse. I think our generation is just too ADD. Nobody has the time for anything anymore. People used to write letters. Now they can’t even type in a few sentences.