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Social Media After Trump

Sorry I missed last week. I had the choice to watch the Super Bowl or draw a comic and I choose Super Bowl. And now I’m also a day late this week. Because of work. Yeah man, life makes cartooning hard. But Trump makes it easy! As per this week’s new Dustinland comic, which is my impression of our social media feeds these days. Pretty shitty. All Trump, all the time. I usually hate the Grammy’s but this year it was nice because at least people were talking about music instead of Trump. I mean, there was plenty of Trump there too but at least not 100% Trump.

Uh… silver lining… at least people are involved now? Maybe that whole burn it down so we can really fix it theory will work after this? That’s the best I can do.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Moon Liking – Facebook in Space

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say with this comic. It’s kind of like one of those New Yorker strips where you sort of get it but not really. Ultimately I think it’s a statement about the triviality of our current obsession with social media, as well as a commentary on just how deep it runs through.

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