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Bad Spell

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about how dumb spelling can be in the English language. This is nothing new, many people have written and spoken about it, but it is something that comes to light if you have kids. As an adult, you just accept how illogical some of our spellings are, but when you constantly have to teach your child these ridiculous letter concoctions without being able to ever explain why, it really comes back hard.

Also new this week — Birdy. Three new Shakespearean strips. Because there’s such a huge crossover with Birdy readers and Shakespeare fans.

Word Nerd Part 2

I was hung over when I drew this week’s Dustinland. You see, it was easy because I had already written it back when I drew the first Word Nerd, and I kept Part 2 on file for just such an occasion — and instance where my brain was not ready to think and/or be funny. Not that Word Nerd is funny. It’s more interesting. And nerdy. But I like it. And I have to get ready to go to work now. Bye.