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This week’s new Dustinland comic is a depressing look at how shitty America has become. I wonder if we can ever fix this? Hard to say. Even if we get rid of the losers causing all this suffering, I think we have done irreparable damage to the nation in the eyes of the world. That being said, if we survive it and come out on top, it’s a good lesson for the world. You can’t sleep on evil. It never goes away, and as for America being the world police, well… who watches the watchmen?

Drunken Stories

I was going to post this Dustinland last week but then the Osama thing went down and I had to touch on that instead. But back to boozing! Yup, these are all true stories from back in the college days (Binghamton University in upstate NY if you didn’t already know). I’m sure some of the people in this strip will be surprised to see themselves in comic form—hopefully pleasantly surprised. I could probably do a whole book of these if I really wanted to be maybe I’ll wait and see how much you guys like this first installment.

Liquor, Beer, and Wives

Listening to women talk about how drunk their men get is really fun and that’s the subject of this Dustinland. It’s so cliche, you feel like you’re watching an episode of Married With Children. But still, there’s just something infinitely entertaining about the mix of amusement and disappointment in a girl’s voice when she describes her husband’s drunken antics. It stops being funny and gets just depressing when we’re talking about people with real problems here, but I’m just talking about regular dudes who get drunk with their friends, then come home and pass out.