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Fine Print Dustinland on Cracked.com

The Dustinland about the ridiculous fine print I found in my electric bill was featured on Cracked.com this weekend. Check it out right here.

10 Subway Commandments Dustinland featured on Cracked.com

Check it out. So far people seem most excited about the “Mad Preggers” shirt in frame two.

Dustinland featured on Cracked.com

The Dustinland on philias was featured on Cracked.com today, and as of 6:08 am there were already assholes making douchie comments about it. Really? Who wakes up a 6:00 on a Saturday morning to write snotty comments about webcomics? I guess they could be living in another country in a time zone ahead of the U.S., so in that case it’s not so much early morning loser hate but international hate. Well, I guess either way, everyone’s a critic.

Edit: The strip is doing pretty well on Digg (where there are surprisingly not too many a-hole comments, aside from a few of the typical “this sux yo why tihngs be stoopid”)

Hatemail in blog form

Some guy is apparently not pleased with one of my Cracked articles, and titled a blog post in my honor.

News: 20 Worst Album Titles Ever hits Cracked

9/17/07: 20 Worst Album Titles Ever article runs on Cracked.com. I wrote this with my buddy Jay Newman. Sadly Cracked heavily edited the original version and inserted a lot of their own humor, but whatever. At least it seems to be doing well on Digg.