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Comic On 2017

This week’s new Dustinland comic is obviously a parody. I guess the premise is, what if some shady character cooked up a fake comic convention that used a bunch of bootleg hero rips offs to swindle people out of their money. But really it’s just an excuse to do a comic book version of Tim and Eric’s “Sports.”

I had a lot more of these but only so much time for drawing. I think my favorites are Fingerblast, No-Eye Joe and Silly String.

Revenge of the Nerds

This week’s comic was—like I say in panel 3—inspired by seeing girls reading Game of Thrones on the subway. It’s funny, I mean, I was a nerd to some degree growing up, but even I thought fantasy novels too nerdy for even myself, not to mention girls—and especially not attractive ones. But it’s amazing what TV and movies can do. As the realm of fantasy, sci-fi and superheroes spread from books to screens, as technology finally allowed the dreams of dorky genius authors to come to life in ways previously only available to the imagination, suddenly it became okay to like Tolkien. Cut to today, and it’s not too surprising to overhear a bunch of girls in the office discussing Battlestar Galactica.

All this, combined with the tech revolution have made it mainstream to be a nerd, or at the very least has taken traditionally nerdy things and made them socially acceptable. Except for Magic Cards. That’s just way too nerdy. Or is it…

NY Comic Con Superheroes Speak Out on Politics

This week’s comic was pretty fun to think up and draw. You know, the election season is in full swing, but with all the constant coverage, it’s hard to say anything that hasn’t been said, especially with a weekly comic. Basically, if something doesn’t happen the same day I draw and publish Dustinland, it’s already been talked about and parodied a million times on everything from The Daily Show to the plain ol people on the Interwebs. But how can you not talk about it right now? Well, here’s my answer.

I wanted to do something that ties into the NY Comic Con anyway, so this is perfect. I went to Comic Con for the first time last year (I used to go to similar stuff when I was a kid but it’s not fair to call those Comic Cons since it was just dudes in a room selling comics—not 10,000 people dressed up like Sailor Moon) and my mind was blown. Sadly I am not going this year but at least I can chip in with this strip. I actually wanted to make it longer, and if you look in between the frames, you can see some extra ideas.

Got any superhero/politics combo ideas? Throw em out there—I’d love to hear it!