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Coffee High

This new Dustinland comic is about coffee and how much I love those rare moments when I am super coffeed up and not just full of energy, but full of ideas. Even if those ideas wind up sucking, man, it feels good in the moment. There was a time when I barely drank coffee, and back then, WOW, it was a guarantee that when I did drink it, I’d be running up the walls. It used to be a thing. You can ask peeps. But now I drink about a cup a day, maybe two, and it usually just gets me up and ready for the day. But sometimes, for whatever reason, it hits me extra hard, and man, that is the best. I just love it when it feels like a chiseled military hamster is running around my skull, ferociously and optimistically getting things done. And I bet no one ever wrote that sentence before.

The Cycle

Yeah… I mean, as this week’s Dustinland comic shows, it’s hard to sleep sometimes. Damn brain. Shut up! Shut up, brain! Perhaps some of this is due to my health habits of not working out ever, not meditating, etc… I should do some of that stuff. Also beer, coffee… all the things that make life fun… I dunno. I actually do everything in moderation but sometimes it feels like even that is too much.

Blech. I blame Trump.

Coffee Quandry

Today was a non coffee day for me, although not as bad as the one pictured in this week’s Dustinland comic. I don’t know – why is it that everything fun is somehow bad for you. I wish I could just drink a ton of coffee and get amped up every day, drink a few beers or some whiskey to wind down at night, then pop a Benadryl and sleep like a baby every night. But I can’t do that because that would be unhealthy and all addicty. And then it would stop being fun because it would become a routine. Blah blah blah no fun. I guess when you abstain from things it makes it more fun when you give in. Good times.


You know I think I had some sort of theory forming with this latest Dustinland strip but I’m not sure what it is. You are what you drink? Maybe. I guess I’m kind of using drinks to examine the idea of … Continue reading

Coffee Snobbery 101

This week’s comic is about coffee and how I love it. I still don’t drink it every day, and here’s why: It still amps me up like a kilo of coke. And I love that. I use it as a tool. When I need it, it’s there, and it works. See, if I drink it all the time, I’ll get used to it, and then not only won’t it give me a boost when I need one, I’ll become dependent on it, and it will actually start to act as a negative.

But onto enjoyability. Man, good coffee, it’s the best. And there really is such a difference. It’s like beer or spirits. A quality microbrew is better than Coors Light, and a nice single malt will beat something that comes out of a plastic jug—and fresh brewed coffee from an amazing roaster will be tastier than something from a mega chain like Starbucks. This shouldn’t even be an argument. It’s just stating fact. And yes, you can have your opinions in terms of what you enjoy, but you can also enjoy something that is “worse,” especially if you grow accustomed to it or haven’t experienced something “better.”

At home, I use a french press even though I know the slow drip Chemex thing is the hot brew method now. It just takes too much effort. I’d rather set it and forget it. On the road, I’ll go drip or cappuccino. I tried the espresso thing since I know that’s supposed to be the ultimate way to taste good coffee but I just don’t enjoy it. Really, I’ve tried. Just too bitter for me. And I like to have something to drink, not just a teeny tiny cup.

So yeah, call me a snob. A snoot. Whatever. I likes me some fancy pants expensive coffee. So sue me.